'Curviest model ever’ Hunter McGrady turned down fashion week opportunities: 'Do they carry my size?’

Kerry Justich

Hunter McGrady is speaking out about the exclusivity that remains in the fashion industry after turning down over 30 opportunities during New York Fashion Week because they weren’t inclusive.

The curvy model and outspoken body positivity advocate made her stance well-known throughout the fashion shows and events taking place in NYC by documenting her thoughts on her Instagram stories. From shows that she attended because of their inclusive representation to those that missed the mark, the 26-year-old gave her 566K followers peek into the industry — and the problems that still exist within it.

Hunter McGrady is speaking out about turning down fashion week opportunities with brands that weren't inclusive. (Photo: Getty Images)
Hunter McGrady is speaking out about turning down Fashion Week opportunities with brands that weren't inclusive. (Photo: Getty Images)

“I believe that it’s important to take a stand on some things, and I was just tired of, every Fashion Week, being the biggest girl in the room. So this year, I decided to do something about it and not attend anything that wasn’t inclusive,” McGrady tells Yahoo Lifestyle, via email, about her mindset heading into the week. “I didn’t realize how many wouldn’t be inclusive, considering its 2019.”

According to a piece that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition model wrote for Glamour, she was forced to miss out on a total of 32 opportunities this season because of the standard she had set for her attendance.

“It had to be inclusive! TRULY inclusive! Meaning larger sizes and bodies, LGBTQ, and all races,” she explains to Yahoo Lifestyle of her requirements. “I would ask, ‘Do they carry my size?’ AKA: Will I see myself represented on the runway?”

One brand that the size 16/18 model praised throughout the week was Chromat, for a show that she walked for herself.

“Chromat is always one that stands out to me,” McGrady says. “Becca the owner and creator is truly inclusive. She has made a space for everyone because there IS space for everyone in the fashion industry.”

McGrady also participated in the first size-inclusive bridal fashion show at theCURVYCon 2019.

Still, she was faced with extreme disappointment when she was cast for a few shows (for brands she didn’t name), before being told that, on second thought, organizers had decided to not use any plus-size models on the runway after all.

“They need to expand. Its so simple! Fashion is not exclusive to one type of person!” she continues. “It’s so wild to me that there are still only a handful of shows that are inclusive and have larger sizes.”

And so, while celebrating those that are inclusive, McGrady will continue to condemn brands that aren’t, all in an effort to push toward positive change.

“I have gotten a great response! A lot of people can relate to feeling this way!” she says. “Change doesn’t happen in silence.”

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