Husband plants thousands of flowers for blind wife to smell

[Photo: YouTube/朝日新聞社]
[Photo: YouTube/朝日新聞社]

Mr and Mrs Kuroki worked and lived on their dairy in the Shintomi town of Japan for more than 30 years.

And when Mrs Kuroki suddenly became blind, Mr Kuroki came up with a truly thoughtful way to make his wife happy again – by planting her a garden of beautiful-smelling flowers.

After raising their two children and waking up in the early hours to herd their 60 cows daily, they dreamt of travelling the world.

[Photo: Facebook/Yoshiyuki Matsumoto]
[Photo: Facebook/Yoshiyuki Matsumoto]

But according to Rocket News 24, at the age of 52, Mrs Kuroki suddenly lost her eyesight due to a complication from diabetes – leaving her feeling isolated and devastated that her and her husband couldn’t embark on their planned trip.

It upset her husband seeing her so sad too and he thought that if they could have at least one visitor or two a day, as well as the flowers themselves, it’d coax her wife out of her shell.

He came up with the idea as he looked at a pink shibazakura flower in the garden.

He thought that since flowers are beautiful for their smell, not just their looks, a garden full of them would be perfect for his wife.

And potential visitors too.

So Mr Kuroki spent two years creating a foundation for their garden, looking after young plants which eventually became a sea of pink flowers.

[Photo: Facebook/Yoshiyuki Matsumoto]
[Photo: Facebook/Yoshiyuki Matsumoto]

And now, more than a decade later, the garden brings in visitors from all over the area, which has brought a smile back to Mrs Kuroki’s face.

If you’re going to Japan any time soon, you can visit their garden too – check out their website here.

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