Husband Sparks Outrage for Refusing to Cancel Guys' Trip to Help Wife Move into Their New Home

The man has an annual guys' trip planned during the same timeframe when he and his wife are set to close on a new house together

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a couple arguing


A stock image of a couple arguing

A man has sparked outrage for refusing to cancel a planned getaway with his guy friends to help his wife move into their new home.

In a post on Reddit's Am I the A------? forum, an individual with the username JamintheKY1002 asked others for their opinion about his debacle.

According to the man, he and his wife "recently began construction on a new home" and they are "nearing the completion" of it. He said a "closing is set" and the couple is "scheduled to get the keys to the brand new house in the next couple of weeks."

But, the user added that he has a "scheduled vacation the week of our closing date" — a "guys' trip that is annual."

"Every year the guys and I rent a cabin and spend a Wednesday to Sunday board gaming," the man continued.

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of men hanging out


A stock image of men hanging out

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The husband further noted in his post that the day of closing on the new house "falls on the Friday of my trip," so he plans to drive from the getaway — which "is only about an hour drive" — to sign the required paperwork, before heading back to be with his friends.

The trip, the user added, "was planned well in advance — before we ever began construction on our home — and has long since been paid for."

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Still, the man's wife has an issue with his plans, he said, and wants him to cut his trip short by a couple of days so he can be "present for the move-in."

"While I completely understand not wanting to move into a house by yourself — I have already gotten this taken care of," the user said, detailing that he arranged for a friend with a moving company to relocate them. He added, "I have also arranged for TVs to be hung, mirrors to be hung, curtains to be hung, internet to be installed, etc. All of this is scheduled."

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A stock image of a moving box

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The man's wife remains "very angry" with him, though, he explained, adding, "This is the one opportunity I get every year to get together with my guy friends to do something we love and it is important to me."

"I have tried to explain that to her, but she says I am leaving her hanging," the user continued. "Of course it sucks our closing was scheduled in the middle of the trip, but that isn't something I could help."

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In the comments section of the post, many users reacted and told the man that he should be open to a compromise so that he can still enjoy his trip while also being there for the big life moment with his wife.

"It’s a real bummer for you to miss a few days of the trip, I know you will feel FOMO. But you do this EVERY year. Just enjoy it extra much next year," one user said, as another wrote, "It's a milestone accomplishment in a marriage. You are not experiencing it with her. It's honestly really sad."

One other person added: "Move-ins never go according to ideal plans. Stuff goes wrong all the time."

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