Husband's ode to his wife is giving us all of the feels

Simone Olivero
(Facebook/Kate Douglas)
(Facebook/Kate Douglas)

Scott Douglas works hard to provide for his family. And he admits that sometimes, there’s nothing better than “clocking off” and calling it a day. But for his wife Kate, a stay-at-home mom, there is no clocking off.

After noticing that she had had a particularly tough day, he penned an open letter to her on Facebook letting her know just how much he appreciates all the things that she does — and the Internet is totally smitten.

“I get home and see my beautiful wife worn out, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed by the challenges of being a mum. Unlike me she has no set hour to clock off or rewarded with overtime or bonuses for all the extra work and effort she has put in during the day. She doesn’t accumulate sick leave, annual leave or long service, no weekly super or weekend, no looking forward to a public holiday to shorten her week.”

He explains what her day looks like, and how most days she probably doesn’t feel like she made a difference.

“When you see a bad day, I see an amazing women who never calls in sick, never quits, never turns her back on the hard days and who has the power to go to bed knowing it will happen all again tomorrow. You are an amazing and fabulous mother, even though it doesn’t seem like it, you are the greatest thing in these boys’ lives and we love you, for everything you do.”

Kate was so touched by the post that she shared it on popular mommy blogger Constance Hall’s Facebook page, where it’s been shared more than 10,000 times.

Many were touched by the gesture and some even shared their own struggles with being a stay at home mom.

“I’m a single mother to four children, I study full time (almost finished my graduate diploma in education!) and have my kids full time. This brought me to tears because my ex husband will never understand what I do, all on my own. To hear a simple thanks for raising our children on your own would make my day!” said Nicole ML.

“What a man! The fact that he not only shows his appreciation but manages to lift her up and help her feel worthwhile! Being a mum is the hardest job in the world but must be a bit easier knowing your husband notices and appreciate you,” shared Kate Bektas.

“I had a bad day with my 2 last week…my amazing husband walks in the door from a 10 hour day (we run our own business) took one look at me and took the kids for a walk down to the park so I could relax and gather myself! Made me appreciate him so much,” said Tamsyn Mogg.