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I’m a relatively new pet owner, having only had a dog for three out of my 28 years of life, and am always looking for new ways to make sure that my pup is happy and well cared for. And with a pretty mischievous dog, one of the biggest areas of concern that my family has had is what he gets up to when left home alone.

Enter the Furbo Dog Camera. I’ve been eyeing this little device for years, and when Amazon Prime Day rolled around I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one. It was delivered this week (thanks to speedy two-day shipping!) and I’ve been loving checking in on my pup to see how he’s doing when he’s by himself.

Image via Kate Mendonca.
Image via Kate Mendonca.

I set up the Furbo Camera by connecting it to the dedicated app that lets me know when there’s activity going on at home (barking, moving around, people walking by) with a short recording. I can also check in on my dog in real time and speak to him through two-way audio.

Aside from being able to see what your pup is up to all day, one of the most fun aspects of the Furbo is a treat-tossing function that lets you interact with your dog by dispensing treats on command. Just open up the app and flick an animated treat on the screen, which triggers an actual treat to be ejected from the camera to your dog.

Image via Kate Mendonca.
Image via Kate Mendonca.

While I haven’t had any issues with the treat-tossing itself, I have mixed feelings about this function. My dog has already learned to recognize the sound that precedes the treat being dispensed, and while he seems excited by the prospect of extra snacks he’s still a little confused by the loud noise.

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the Furbo though, especially with the high quality video feed that works for both day and nighttime viewing. It’s easy to pull up the app and make sure that all is well, which provides some extra peace of mind when I’m out of the house.

Image via Kate Mendonca.
Image via Kate Mendonca.

If you have a pet who suffers from separation anxiety, this is a great way to comfort them while you’re away. “My dog has a bit of separation anxiety and would howl throughout the day. With this, I get a notification that she's barking, I can throw her a treat and talk to her,” writes one Amazon reviewer.

“Whether or not she knows it's me, it does break the panic and then she settles back down. It's a great peace of mind for me.”

And the Furbo isn’t just limited to dogs - it also works well for keeping an eye on felines and other household pets.

As one cat owner writes, “I've had furbo for a year now, and it has been great. It's advertised for dogs but I stopped putting dog treats in it and now use it for my cat because my cat absolutely loves it.”

If you’re interested in picking up a Furbo Dog Camera to keep an eye on your own furry friends, right now Amazon is offering $100 off your purchase, making it the same price as the deal that I picked up on Prime Day. Just click on the coupon located below the price, and it’s automatically applied to your total at check out.

Head over to Amazon to pick up your own Furbo Dog Camera, and let us know what you (and your pet) think!

Image via Amazon.
Image via Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $199 (originally $299)

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