'I haven't met anyone like her': Texas man's ad to find Toronto woman goes viral

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A Texas man is hoping that a missed connection during a tour of the Thousand Islands will lead to love.

On July 16 Arturo Martinez was enjoying a tour of Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, N.Y., on the U.S. side of the St. Lawrence River, during his three-week solo vacation. That’s when he crossed paths with a mystery woman who left a lasting impression.

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According to Global News, Martinez and the woman were both pulled aside by border security when re-entering Canada - the only two in the tour group. After the two exchanged a few words, they caught the tour bus together back to the Greater Toronto Area. The mystery woman dined with him at a pit-stop along the way, where Martinez said they continued chatting.

“She actually came up to me and started making conversation,” he told Global News. “She started asking me some personal questions, like ‘what’s your background?’ ‘What do you do?’ And all that kind of stuff.”

The pair were talking so much they didn’t realize that the rest of their group had headed back on the bus. By the time they caught up with the group, they took seats at separate ends of the bus.

But the two got off at two different GTA stops — and as luck would have it, Martinez didn’t ask the woman her name or phone number.

“If I had another five minutes, I could’ve asked for her phone number or something,” Martinez said.

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Instead, he took out an ad in a local Toronto newspaper in hopes of somehow getting in touch with her.

“I can’t explain it; if I could just tell you one thing it would be easy, but I haven’t met anyone like her,” Martinez said in an interview with Global News. “Her smile, but also the way she talked. She was really nice, sweet, kind, down to earth and really, really funny.

A photo of the ad was posted to social media and has gone viral, with hundreds of shares hoping to reunite Martinez and the woman.

“I am a guy from Texas who met this really nice girl from Toronto on a tour of the Boldt Castle on July 16 with a company called ShortTrips.ca,” the ad began. “We spoke briefly but I really loved her sense of humour and would really love to talk to her again, but I did not even get her number (or name) because the bus was about to leave us. I thought I would see her again on Centre Island since we were both going there on the Sunday, July 21, but we were probably there at different times.”

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Boldt Castle. Image via Getty Images.

The ad ends with a request to contact him via email, asking the woman to let him know what the last thing she said to him before they got on the bus was — to prove it’s her, of course.

“Hint: it has something to do with the birds,” he wrote.

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After posting messages on Craigslist and Kijiji, as well as in the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star, Martinez has yet to find any hopeful leads that could reunite him with the woman who captured his attention.

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“I’m pretty much losing hope right now,” he admitted.

The story has earned Martinez encouragement from hundreds of people on social media who want a happy ending for the pair.

“I hope she sees this!” one woman wrote sharing the post to Facebook.

“The beginnings of a true love story,” another wrote. “I hope it has a fairytale, beautiful ending!”

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