Ice Cube Doubles Down, Promises He Is "Never" Giving up on 'Friday 4'

Ice Cube never backs down from a fight and his apparent New Year's resolution to find ways to bring back the fourth installment of his Friday film will continue in 2023.

In a run-in with TMZ, Ice Cube caught up with the publication outside of Dash Radio to talk about his commitment to releasing a fourth film in the Friday franchise. While he promises that he is not stepping back on his push to make the film, he also stated that he will not be taking legal action against Warner Bros. Long has been the narrative and sequence between Ice Cube and the studio, where both have gone back and forth claiming the film rights to the franchise. Just last month, Ice Cube stated that the studio will not give up the film rights to Friday.

When asked why he cannot just rename the film, Ice Cube simply explained, "You got to use the same IP. So, you can't call it Saturday without using Craig and Day Day." Ice Cube responded to the idea of filing a lawsuit claiming, "No, ain't gonna sue nobody." The initial Friday film first came out in 1995 and the sequels subsequently in 2000 and 2002.

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