Ice flying from trailer smashes windshield, injures Moncton woman

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Brittny Goddard was heading to get groceries Sunday afternoon in Moncton when a chunk of ice flew off another vehicle and smashed through her windshield.

Goddard says it happened as a truck pulling a trailer passed her. The ice came off the roof of the trailer.

"All I remember is stopping and then my glasses were knocked off my face, my face was bleeding, and there was glass everywhere and my windshield was broken," she told Maritime Noon.

The ice came through the driver's side of the windshield. Goddard said if she wasn't wearing her glasses she would have likely got glass in her eyes.

Goddard was able to keep the car on the road and safely pull over to call her fiancé.

She went to the hospital to get the glass out of her face but was released later that day.

Brittny Goddard/Facebook
Brittny Goddard/Facebook

"You don't realize how serious it is until it happens to someone you love or is close to you, or yourself," Goddard said.

RCMP Cpl. Julie Rogers-Marsh said ticketing drivers for snow-covered vehicles usually only happens when the view from the vehicle is obstructed.

She said the New Brunswick Motor Vehicle act doesn't directly address snow and ice on the roofs of vehicles and ticketing is up to the discretion of the officer.

Goddard said she hasn't always been the best at clearing the ice off her car.

"I'm definitely going to clean every inch of my car off because I didn't realize how important it was until now."

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