Ice Queen and Princess to add some festive sparkle to Santa Claus Parade

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Aurora's Santa Under the Stars Parade will have an extra flash of regal glamour as the Town prepares to welcome the Ice Queen and Princess to the re-imagined family-favourite event.

This year, as The Auroran reported last week, the Santa Under the Stars parade is moving from its traditional venue of Yonge Street to the Aurora Family Leisure Complex on Industrial Parkway North.

There, it won’t be the traditional parade of families gathered on the roadside to watch the Jolly Man in Red parade by, along with dozens of floats, community groups and bands. Instead, it will be a stationary parade where revellers are the ones that do the driving past floats, bands, and Santa who will be stationed around the Complex’s expansive parking lot.

A new draw this year will be a special appearance by the Ice Queen and Ice Princess, who are making a special trip to Aurora to greet families.

We caught up with the Ice Queen as she primped and prepared ahead of the November 28 parade.

The Auroran: This is an unusual year. Why are you making the trip to Aurora?

Ice Queen: With all the changes happening globally, we have been fortunate that we have always been in parades in a variety of communities and Towns, but now having a stationary parade makes us even more excited because we know that each car that drives by us is going to get a full look at us. Of course, being a queen, that’s what we strive for, being looked at and adored!

TA: Will it be a long trip from wherever you’re from?

IQ: Queens have many castles, as you know, although we do prefer the cold. We have temporary lodging at the North Pole and the South Pole, but it is anyone’s guess where we’re travelling from because we never stay in one place for too long.

TA: The North Pole? Will you be hitching a ride to Aurora with Santa and his reindeer?

IQ: Of course, I only travel first class, so, no. Especially with COVID, I can’t catch a ride with Santa this year, although they have previously brought us in other years – but not this year. We will be travelling solo this year and sometimes I fly with my wings and sometimes I fly commercial travel. It is anyone’s guess. The Ice Princess is the one who coordinates my detail, so I am not 100 per cent sure what my transportation means will be.

TA: Okay, so you’re not looking online for flight deals, so what else are you doing to prepare for the big event?

IQ: I have perfected the Royal Wave because I will be posing for photographs. Normally, I have lots of people come up to me because they enjoy my wings, but this time as it is a drive-by parade, that option won’t be there, but I will certainly get my joy of waving and my shining white wings photographed that evening. Of course, we’re pampered and prepared at all times. We’re royalty!

TA: So, what was the draw to come to Aurora – especially for a parade unlike anything the Town has ever hosted?

IQ: They (organizers) kept talking about the small-town charm in the Town of Aurora and I didn’t quite know what it meant. But I did some research on the community and we are really, really excited. Once we looked into everything the community offers, the girl I spoke to was really right: there is a lot of small-town charm and a lot of beauty and I hear the residents are just fantastic. This is a new location for us and it is one of the things we’re most looking forward to this season!

TA: What do you hope families take away from the parade?

IQ: I want them to be mesmerized. I want them to have a moment to reflect and take in the magic of the parade and to completely have a time out and forget what is going on around the world for a moment. I want them to have a healthy pause of excitement. It is the most magical time of the year and that’s not going to change! I am excited to meet brand new people in a brand-new community and I cannot express how thrilled and excited we are to come to Aurora.

For more on the newly-reconfigured Santa Under the Stars parade, which takes place at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex on Saturday, November 28 from 6 – 8 p.m., visit

Brock Weir, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Auroran