Is this iconic home for sale in Texas a ‘little bit of Yoda and a bit of Andy Warhol?’

An iconic house that has been a staple in Texas has landed on the real estate market.

Recently, the famous residence known as the Robert Bruno Steel House has been used as an Airbnb after being closed for years. The abstract home was the brainchild of sculptor Robert Bruno, who died before he was able to finish his piece.

Now, 50 years after he started it, the home — which is in Ransom Canyon — is glossed up and ready for a new owner to cherish.

For $2 million.

After Bruno died in 2008, his daughter and only child Christina Bruno listed the unfinished product but it was pulled from the market soon afterward with plans to turn the piece of art into a vacation rental, Texas Monthly reported.

And yes, the home itself is, well, rather on the heavy side.

“The Steel House is made of quarter-inch Corten steel, a material commonly used in modernist sculpture but uncommon in architecture,” Texas Monthly said. “Corten is a good conductor of heat, which means that it must be heavily insulated against Lubbock’s hot summers and cold winters. It’s also heavy. The house weighs 110 tons — about 10 tons more than a Boeing 757 — which Bruno was able to calculate easily because he purchased the scrap metal he used by the pound.”

The listing on says the three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,450-square-foot residence was “recently finished and has new everything” and has a wild, but polished and chic, inside.

The house has made appearances on numerous social media pages, including the popular Zillow Gone Wild and TikTok’s ZillowTastrophes as folks flooded to get their opinions of the house on the record.

“That is a dream house!! I could live there,” one person expressed on Facebook.

“Lots of Beetlejuice vibes. I like it!” another expressed.

This looks so Pixar and I can’t articulate why,” someone tweeted on X.

A little but of Yoda and a bit of Andy Warhol,” one person compared.

Looks like refurbished star wars aircraft,” someone said on TikTok.

The listing is held by Courtney Bartosh of Monument Realty.

The photographs were taken by Haley D. Photography.

Ransom Canyon is about 10 miles southeast of Lubbock.

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