I Have Some Ideas For 'Hijack' Season 2

I Have Some Ideas For 'Hijack' Season 2Des Willie

Readers, this is your captain speaking: I hope you enjoyed Apple TV+'s Hijack as much as I did, because the Idris Elba-starring series has officially been renewed for a second season. Details are "top secret," according to the actor, but Elba revealed in an official statement to The Hollywood Reporter, "I can assure you we will bring the high octane back!”

Hijack was my favorite show of the summer. So, I feared that Sam Nelson would never return after Elba kinda-sorta said he wouldn't want to do another hijacking. "I just don’t want to put him on another hijack," he told Variety back in June. "I’m open to that character coming back. I think if people were compelled to like the character, then I’m in."

“I think Sam as a character is really compelling," Hijack's co-creator, Jim Field, told TV Insider. "I think the way Idris portrays him is really compelling, and I think it would always be interesting to see how he would react in other situations, of course.” Well! Funny he should say that. Since the season finale aired, I've been cooking few different ideas for season 2. They're all yours, Jim—grab a tiny bag of pretzels and dive in.

1. Hijack: The Severed Floor

Logline: An unprecedented crossover between two of Apple TV+'s most popular shows: Hijack and Severance. Sam receives a mysterious invitation in the mail, asking him to broker a deal for the world's leading biotechnology company: Lumon.

The Twist: Sam realizes he's been a severed Lumon employee this whole time. He works in the Negotiation Department. Season One's trip from Dubai to England was an intricate plan concocted by Sam's innie, to get his outie away from Lumon... which has recently opened an office in Dubai.

The Grand Finale: Sam is captured by the manager of the Negotiation Department: Mr. Payne (Timothée Chalamet). The two square off in the break room for hours, when, suddenly—we're not sure how—Sam convinces Mr. Payne that this break room is for him. The final shot is Mr. Payne mumbling the words, “All I can be is sorry, and that is all I am...” as Sam gazes on.

2. Hijack: Alien Invasion

Logline: Following the Congressional UFO hearings, the Pentagon realizes they have a whistleblower problem. Sam—now internationally known for his negotiating prowess, following his fearlessness on Kingdom Flight 29—gets a call. They need Sam to convince would-be whistleblowers to keep their expansive UFO reverse engineering program a secret.

The Twist: The aliens—impressed by Sam's skills—ask for his help.

The Grand Finale: Trillions of lightyears away, on the aliens' rival planet, Gogurt 79, Sam convinces Emperor Weedle-Waddle to stop the million-year war between the two races.

3. Hijack: The Process

Logline: Frustrated that Daryl Morey won't trade him, Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid once again fires his agents. Seeing the news of Kingdom Flight 29's heroic passenger, Sam Nelson, the lightbulb goes off: Maybe this guy can help.

The Twist: Embiid fires Sam, who was unable to figure out a deal within the first 48 hours.

The Grand Finale: Sam replaces Morey as the GM of the 76ers, immediately trades Embiid and seven future first-round picks to the New York Knicks, and the 76ers win the NBA title.

4. Hijack: 10,000 B.C.

Logline: Running out of fuel, Kingdom Flight 29 and its passengers make an emergency landing, finding a vast, open patch of land.

The Twist: Somewhere over Hungary, Kingdom Flight 29 entered an inter-dimensional rift, landing squarely in prehistoric times.

The Grand Finale: Sam brokers peace between the cavemen and the dinosaurs. At the end, Sam and the leader of the cavemen (Gar, played by Bald Austin Butler, in his first post-Dune role), memorialize Sam's fallen seatmate, Hugo. (Eaten by a Giganotosaurus.)

5. Hijack: The Devil Made Me Hijack This Plane

Logline: Roughly 30 minutes into his first trip after the events of Kingdom Flight 29, a mysterious evil sprit possesses Sam—and forces him to hijack the plane.

The Twist: Stuart's little brother is the one who hijacked Sam's body. He's upset that Sam kinda-sorta tricked him with the whole Mum phone call.

The Grand Finale: As Sam steers the plane toward a remote forest in Transylvania, we learn that—what's this?—the priest from Kingdom Flight 29 is on this flight too! He performs an exorcism via the little black-and-white screen outside the cockpit.

6. Hijack: Sam vs. Not-Real Plane Woman

Logline: Years after the Kingdom Flight 29 hijacking, Sam boards a short flight to Paris. He quickly recognizes his seatmate: the woman who went viral for claiming a passenger on her flight wasn't real.

The Twist: She turns to Sam and whispers, "You're not real."

The Grand Finale: Trying to distract himself from his neighbor, Sam plugs in his headphones and browses the in-flight entertainment, clicks on Apple TV+, and sees a series called Hijack. He presses play—and sees himself, years ago, slowly boarding Kingdom Flight 29. Sam's eyes widen—she's right.

7. Hijack: Dead Ringers

Logline: 10 years after the events of Hijack, Sam is one of the most-popular motivational speakers in the world. He's on a red-eye to Tampa, FL to speak at Outback Steakhouse's yearly summit when—you guessed it—a passenger takes over the cockpit.

The Twist: Sam rushes to the front of the plane, so he can ask the hijacker about their motivations. When the little screen clicks on, he sees... himself.

The Grand Finale: The two Sams furiously negotiate with each other the entire flight. As the plane reaches the Florida border, Prime Sam promises Hijacker Sam free Bloomin' Onions for life. Sealing their friendship—two Idris Elbas are better than one, of course—they both speak at the conference, to rapturous applause.

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