IHOP waitresses go viral after carrying out couple’s ‘intimate’ gender reveal request

Two IHOP waitresses helped bring a couple’s humble gender reveal request to life — and now, thanks to restaurant security cameras, the moment is going viral.

TikToker @b.3ttyboop gained over 5.4 million views, 849,000 likes, 31,000 saves and 1,900 comments after she uploaded the experience — which she says “made her day” — to her account.

The inexpensive, intimate gender reveal seems to fit a rising trend among young parents. Rather than celebrating life’s big milestones with flashy social media celebrations, some young millennial and Gen Z couples are trimming off the excess — as we’ve seen recently in the micro-wedding trend.

‘I’m not a big fan of gender reveals, but…’

In the now-viral video, @b.3ttyboop and her co-workers excitedly set up the scene. “Guys, my table wants a gender reveal! Oh my God, I’m so excited!”

After opening the couple’s envelope containing the results, they get to work on their custom pancake order, complete with a colored whip cream filling.

While @b.3ttyboop and her fellow wait staff didn’t film the couple’s reactions themselves, a nearby security camera captured the whole thing.

After viewers begged for a part two, @b.3ttyboop obliged, uploading the camera’s footage.

Nearly 2,000 TikTokers commented on @b.3ttyboop‘s video — not only to express how touched they were by the IHOP staff’s energy and enthusiasm but to say how much they appreciated the couple’s quiet, simple gender reveal.

“I’m not a big fan of gender reveals, but this one was the most sweetest most humbling moment, and I cried,” wrote @oldcatsoul.

“This is the kind of gender reveal I’d like: simple and straight to the point,” wrote @presiplainjane.

“the fact that they did this in a quiet intimate moment with no phones makes [it] my favorite ever. and it STILL went viral,” commented @tinkerbell.934.

“This was the only gender reveal ever that made cry … its so intimate and simple,” wrote @dogmomtingz.

“People saying why IHOP!? Why does it matter! They seem happier than some people spending thousands of dollars on a reveal!” commented @juzt_jenny87.

The ‘intimate gender reveal party’ TikTok trend

Just as more and more couples are opting for inexpensive micro weddings (or a “minimony,” as they’re sometimes called), it would appear that young millennial and Gen Z parents are moving away from lavish gender reveal parties as well — if they’re having them at all.

According to a 2022 study, U.K.-based children’s clothing company Kathryn’s found that 46.5% of the public think gender reveals are silly, and 19% would rather find out their baby’s sex privately.

“Despite this being such a huge trend in recent years, just 13% of respondents say they would have a gender reveal,” the study reported.

Instead, “intimate” gender reveal parties appear to be on the rise, with the hashtag #IntimateGenderReveal currently holding over 118 million views on TikTok.

In these videos, couples are choosing to forgo flashy, expensive reveals with tons of family and friends in attendance and opting for simple, private reveals instead — oftentimes featuring just the couple (and perhaps their dog or child) and a humble cake.

Considering how expensive and non-eco-friendly gender reveal parties tend to be, it’s no wonder more and more couples are choosing to celebrate their baby in a simpler, more intimate way.

Not-so-picture-perfect social media moments

Young parents could also be shifting away from lavish gender reveal parties due to a long history of viral social media mishaps — which often don’t live up to their Pinterest inspo.

Earlier this year, a mother-in-law gained millions of views when she allegedly “ruined” her grandchild’s gender reveal — and before that, a dad’s “ugly” reaction to discovering his wife was carrying another girl horrified TikTokers.

But it’s not just gender reveals that are being exposed online for being less than picture-perfect. A baby’s first birthday party became a viral sensation when his dad’s “humiliating” behavior was uploaded to TikTok — and one couple’s wedding day made global headlines after the groom’s “disgusting” vows made their way to social media.

Thanks to these not-so-Pinterest-worthy social media moments, it seems more couples and families are opting for less frills and more feels — and saving a ton of money (and our planet) by doing so.

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