Illinois has new uniforms that look very similar to Syracuse

(via Illinois football)

Uh, is this Illinois or Syracuse?

Illinois revealed new football uniforms on Friday. And they bear a striking resemblance to the uniforms Syracuse has been wearing.

Yeah, the schools have the same color scheme, but look at how much they look alike. The number fonts are even pretty similar.

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That’s Syracuse’s gray uniform above and, you guessed it, Illinois has a gray uniform too. It’s missing the orange number trim, but it doesn’t look like much of a departure from Syracuse’s gray uniform.

(via Illinois football)

Here’s what Illinois’ orange helmet looks like.

(via Illinois football)

And here’s what Syracuse’s orange helmet looks like. Yeah, pretty similar.

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Syracuse goes with a blue helmet when it goes with its dark uniforms, so maybe that will be the biggest distinction between the school and Illinois. In the pictures Illinois provided on Friday, only orange helmets were shown with the navy blue uniforms.

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(Via Illinois football)

In case you were wondering, Illinois and Syracuse aren’t scheduled to play each other in the near future. That’s probably for the best. The players could get confused.

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