I'm an Indecisive Shopper, but These Are the 9 Prime Day Fashion Deals I'm 100% Buying Today

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I’m a Cripplingly Indecisive Shopper, But These Are the TK Prime Deals I’m 100% Buying Today
I’m a Cripplingly Indecisive Shopper, But These Are the TK Prime Deals I’m 100% Buying Today

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Ask anyone who knows me - my mom, my best friend, my neighbors - and they'll probably tell you that I'm very indecisive. Making decisions? I simply don't. I tend to think long and hard about things, weighing the pros and cons to the point where I'll sometimes just leave it up to the universe. Yes, I'm that girl.

My indecisiveness sticks out like a sore thumb whenever I shop. Sometimes, it takes me days to decide what I want; sometimes I just forget about it (hey, maybe it's the universe's sign to let it go), but, honestly, only buying things that really, really spark joy - those items I know I want instantly and don't have to spend days thinking about - has allowed me to curate a well-rounded collection of pieces that I wear all the time. No tossing an item to the back of the closet after one wear. The things I own get a lot of mileage.

Given that one of the biggest shopping events - ahem, Prime Day - is currently underway and my basics could use some replenishing, I decided to take a look at the deals. Even just the thought of the thousands and thousands of marked-down items on Amazon was almost enough to keep me away, but given that part of my job is to find the best deals, I thought I'd sneak in a little retail therapy for myself.

Best Editor-Approved Prime Day Fashion Deals

I initially ended up with over 100 clothes and accessories on my wishlist, but because I'm not about to spend thousands of dollars, I narrowed my picks down to nine that I absolutely love - those finds that I don't have to think twice about because they're that good. For an indecisive shopper like myself, I say nine fashion finds is quite impressive.

Among my favorite Prime Day fashion picks you'll find comfy basics, like this Calvin Klein bodysuit that I texted my sister about because I know she'll want it, too, trendy Le Specs sunglasses that I've actually been eyeing for months now, a damn good pair of Rollas denim, and the summer dress of the 2021 (hey, TikTok said it first).

What's more, everything I'm buying can be mixed and matched - from the nine items I purchased, I can create seven separate outfits. First up, I'm wearing these jeans, with this white blouse, these Superga sneakers, and this leather bag. Hey, maybe we'll match?

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