'I'm not a bridezilla': Bride slammed after revealing her five wedding gowns cost $90,000

Elizabeth Di Filippo

A British bride is being slammed after revealing she wore a total of five glamorous wedding gowns to two wedding ceremonies, worth a whopping $90,000 USD.

Rachel Ward wore five different wedding dresses to celebrate her nuptials. Image via Instagram.
Rachel Ward wore five different wedding dresses to celebrate her nuptials. Image via Instagram.

Rachel Ward of Cheshire, England boasts an impressive online following. With more than 253,000 followers on Instagram, the 27-year-old fashion blogger has recently branded as “vain” and “everything that’s wrong with the modern world” after detailing her opulent wedding wardrobe.

While most brides find it overwhelming to plan a single wedding, Ward tied the knot with Thomas Cottrell in a destination wedding in the Maldives in 2017 before having a church ceremony for family and friends in June of this year.

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

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While many people were in awe of the undoubtedly glamorous bride, others found her wardrobe changes to be unnecessary.

“You’ll probably end up divorced,” one person commented. “Just over the top.”

“The dresses were clearly more important than the actual getting married part,” another wrote.

Despite being branded a “narcissist,” the happy newlywed has tried to remain positive in the face of the backlash.

Ward and friends after saying, ‘I do’, in the Maldives. Image via Instagram.
Ward and friends after saying, ‘I do’, in the Maldives. Image via Instagram.

Ward shared a direct message she received from a follower asking how she’s coping with her online haters and publicly replied, “I know in my mind I’m doing what’s right for me and as long as you are true to yourself you don’t have regrets. I’ve also dealt with this for many years so it just becomes normalized… Also usually the ones behind the negative comments are the unhappy ones so I simply just sympathize.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ward defended her decisions, acknowledging that the multiple wardrobe changes might not appeal to every bride.

“I’m not really a bridezilla, I simply love fashion which is what I studied, for my degree,” Ward said. “I think I got a little carried away and just kept seeing more and more that I liked, only looking back now do I realize how many I had.”

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

Although Ward purchased one of the dresses herself for a hefty $17,800 USD, she revealed that many of the dresses were sent to her by labels hoping to be photographed and shared to her Instagram account.

“It clicked that I could change throughout the day and truly feel like a princess on them most magical day of my life,” Ward said.

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The couple had their heart set on a destination wedding in 2017, and fell in love with the island of Kurumba. However, for legal reasons, the couple knew they would have to have a second wedding in England to make their union official — and began planning another, more traditional ceremony for family and friends to attend.

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

After their 2017 beach wedding, Ward left her two wedding dresses at the resort for future brides who can’t afford a gown to wear. For the remaining dresses, the blogger said she plans to donate them to charity in the U.K.

Despite the negativity surrounding her dream weddings, Ward says it’s all part of her career as a public figure.

I am very lucky because I have a number of celebrity friends who support my images and we all support each other through the negativity which just comes with the job,” Ward said. “I also have a lot of good friends and family who support me and know how hard I work to achieve the things I do and that’s all I can ask for. I love sharing my story online and I love following and sharing other Instagrammers.’

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