Impressive Christmas display made of dumpster diving treasures on 'The Great Christmas Light Fight'

On The Great Christmas Light Fight, the Gaddy family from Fayetteville, Georgia impressed designer, Carter Oosterhouse with a light display that spanned across their seven acre property. But what Carter loved most was that a lot of it was built from junk.

Mike Gaddy, the brains (and the junker) behind the display, showed Oosterhouse the various things that he had concocted. He had fashioned a waving Santa from an old windshield wiper motor and he'd rigged an old blower to spin a swing display. A ferris wheel was made out of two old trampolines. The display included an airplane from a salvage yard and a washing machine motor that spun the Santa Claus slight above their rooftop. "There's two 1/4-inch rods that are sticking out on that pipe. So that's what keeps the power going up," he said. "Mike, you're kind of a crazy genius right now. I'm super impressed!" Oosterhouse said.

Though the whole display was impressive what Oosterhouse loved most was Gaddy's display from the movie Cars, made from actual cars including the characters Mater and Fray.