Ina Garten's Love Of Rattan Kitchen Decor Is About More Than Just Aesthetics

rattan basket on table
rattan basket on table - mujijoa79/Shutterstock

Ina Garten's brand is built on how to elevate entertaining through simple, innovative twists. This branding extends to her home decor as well. Ina Garten favors rattan accents throughout her kitchen and home, bringing in a timeless and coastal feel to her living space. Rattan refers to rattan vines that are woven together to create intricate and unique furniture pieces. Garten utilizes rattan placemats and bread baskets in her kitchen. The material is often a light tan color and has a rustic, natural appearance to it. Because of the neutral color scheme, rattan fits in easily with almost any kitchen aesthetic.

These rattan pieces do more than just look elegant; they serve a hidden function in the kitchen as well. Rattan has natural moisture-absorbing abilities that help preserve the shelf life of different items in your kitchen. Specifically, rattan is excellent for preserving the texture and integrity of homemade or store-bought bread products. So while you aesthetically display and store your products, you can also relax knowing that the rattan is as functional as it is beautiful. The best part is when you're not storing bread in your rattan pieces they still look pretty enough to keep out in your kitchen.

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Further Benefits Of Rattan

rattan bread proofing basket
rattan bread proofing basket

If you're someone who loves to craft their own artisanal bread at home, you may want to consider investing in a rattan bread-proofing basket. Bread-proofing baskets are used to hold the dough's form as it rises and to create a uniform shape. Bread-proofing baskets are particularly useful for heavier, high-moisture doughs that could potentially collapse if they do not have the additional structure the basket provides.

Rattan is also odor-resistant and food-safe, and as long as the material is properly cared for it can last a long time. In addition, rattan proofing baskets have the secret superpower of taking in extra moisture from your proofing dough, resulting in considerably less sticky dough to work with. The best part is after you make your bread, you can continue the rattan theme and store it in a rattan bread bowl to keep it texturally sound. Plus the completely natural material looks elegant, giving you a more refined baking experience and a rustic look to your kitchen or table.

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