IndyCar driver almost hits safety worker after wheel comes off car following pit stop

Significant investment and upgrades during the offseason put A.J. Foyt Racing at the top of the speed chart, and with two drivers in the top-10.

IndyCar driver Matheus Leist made an ill-advised maneuver and nearly hit a series safety worker after a wheel came off his car on pit road during Saturday night’s race at ISM Raceway in Phoenix.

Leist left his pit stall too early after a pit stop when the left-rear tire wasn’t completely fastened to the car. You’ll see the rear tire changer frantically gesturing as Leist pulls away from his stall and then you can see the predictable result.

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After he ended up pointed the wrong direction on pit road, Leist somehow thought he would be better served if his car was pointed forward even though he only had three wheels. So he madly spun his car around right as a safety worker was approaching his car to see if he needed help.

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It was an unnecessarily close call and a damn good thing Leist didn’t hit the worker.

Leist went multiple laps down as his team had to retrieve him to attach another wheel to the car.  IndyCar could have and probably should have parked him for the rest of the race at that point for needlessly endangering the life of a safety worker, but Leist was allowed to return to the track.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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