'Shame on you': Influencers under fire for playing with holy water in 'disrespectful' video

Slouka and Doležalová. Image via Instagram.

A pair of Instagram influencers are being slammed after sharing footage of themselves splashing one another with holy water.

Sabina Doležalová, a bikini fitness model from the Czech Republic, and boyfriend Zdenek Slouka visited the Beji Temple during a trip to Bali. The couple drew criticism after sharing video of Slouka splashing holy water onto Doležalová’s backside while she lifts up her skirt.

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Balinese senator Dr. Arya Wedakarna shared the video to his Instagram account, calling the footage “insensitive” and accused the couple of “harassing” the temple.

Wekakarna’s post prompted his followers to “blacklist” the couple from visiting Bali, while others urged the senator to “act firmly” and punish the pair for their actions.

“I am Indian Hindu,” one man wrote. “Everyone should respect others religion and culture. They shouldn’t do these cheap things.”

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“As a tourist, you should have learned about the local culture, religion and what you can and can’t do before you came to the country you want to visit,” another added.

Doležalová sent an apology to Wedakarna via Instagram which he shared to his profile which many have dubbed “insincere.”

Doležalová. Image via Facbeook.

“Good morning,” Doležalová began. “We didn’t know it was holy water. We are truly sorry and of course, we didn’t really wash it. I had underwear of course. We deleted the video and I’m very sorry, we really didn’t know. Is [there] anything we can do? We will apologize on our social media to all Balinese people.”

The couple, who have made their Instagram accounts private, issued a joint video apology for “dishonouring” the temple.

“We are so very sorry about that,” Slouka said. “We apologize to you.”

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“We had no idea it was holy water or that it was a holy temple,” Doležalová’s added.

“Fake apology and not sincere,” one unsatisfied follower wrote about the pair’s video message. “How can you go to a temple and not have an idea of what’s there? Even if you didn’t know for real, why do something so disrespectful in a place like that? If you don’t care for the culture and the people, then don’t travel there!”

Slouka added this photo to Facebook of the couple in Bali. Image via Facebook.

While Wedakarna said he plans on taking formal action, a Czech news site reports that the issue has been resolved privately, thanks to a charitable donation from the couple.

Daniel Šimkovič, Doležalová’s manager told reporters that a voluntary contribution was proposed to the local village. Whatever amount Sabina and her friends give, it is up to them and purely voluntary.”

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