'Shame on you': Influencers under fire for playing with holy water in 'disrespectful' video

  • j
    If you allow yourself to be "influenced" by someone on social media... You need to reevaluate some of your life decisions.
  • D
    "Instagram Influencers" - geez, I must be getting old. When I was young we were influenced by people that actually had some kind of talent.
  • J
    How extremely sad that these are the kind of people considered "influencers" nowadays. It actually explains a lot about the current state of our world.
  • Q
    Instagram influencer? Sounds like some sort of contagious disease. A bad Flu. I won't be in to work today, cough, cough. I've come down with a bad case of instagram influencer.
  • W
    Working guy
    “We didn’t know it was holy water" - BS they knew exactly what they were doing. They just didn't think people would care. In todays world it's all about the click.
  • A
    It says it right on the plaque next to the fountain and the fact the fountain itself has so many religious artifacts around it. But I'm too innocent, this little hijink gets them free publicity.
  • M
    I have been to this temple - and many other temples in Bali - they are ALL very clearly marked as HOLY. Complete disrespect - I hope they are charged.
  • E
    When are some tourists going to realise that they are guests in another country? Why can't these same people respect that country's customs?
  • C
    "Bikini fitness model" - these are the "influencers" that are being heard by the easily influenced kids today. This is why kids think hollyweird is "real" and virtue-signalling gives political licence.
  • B
    Boos Lover
    No such thing: internet influencers, holy water