Innovative Cookware That Surprised Us The Most At TIHS 2024

Assorted kitchen cookware
Assorted kitchen cookware - Fabrikacr/Getty Images

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And that's a wrap! The 2024 edition of The Inspired Home Show has now concluded in Chicago where Mashed was able to take a look at and try out the latest cookware, kitchen gadgets, and cleaning supplies made for modern home cooks. The three-day event, considered North America's largest housewares trade show, brought together major manufacturers and indie brands from 120 countries around the globe who introduced their wares and innovations to buyers, suppliers, and media.

Among all the pots and pans, air fryers, digital tools, and other trinkets we tried out, there were a few pieces of cookware that stood out for their ingenious designs, technological advancements, and ease of use. Some are available now to add to your own home kitchen and others will likely be hitting stores soon, given the large, positive reception they've received. If we had kitchen "Oscars" to hand out, these pieces from Commercial Chef, Sensarte, and Brod & Taylor would be the cooking items we'd award for surprising us the most during the show.

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Commercial Chef 3-Quart Dutch Oven With Skillet Lid

Large black pot with lid
Large black pot with lid - Mashed

Commercial Chef's multi-tasking cookware is a true win-win. An incredibly convenient two-for-one design features a traditional cast iron Dutch oven plus a shallow lid that works overtime as a cast iron skillet. So, not only can you cook your favorite beef chili in the 3-quart pot, but while the ingredients simmer, you can brown the ground beef in the pan.

Even better, Commercial Chef has already seasoned the cast iron cookware so it's ready to use and to give you all the benefits of nonstick cookware. To keep it in tip-top shape, all you have to do is regularly rub the surfaces with some vegetable oil. With super-grip double handles, it's easy to take it from the stove to your table and keep your meal warm for hours.

Commercial Chef's 3-Quart Dutch Oven with Skillet Lid is available for $35.32 on Amazon.

Sensarte Nonstick Detachable Handle Cookware

rubber-handled black skillet pan
rubber-handled black skillet pan - Mashed

Even if your cabinets are so cramped that your house feels like it has a toy kitchen, it's still possible to have a fully stocked arsenal of cookware with minimal space. Manufacturers like Sensarte are heeding the call for compact designs with its line of Nonstick Detachable Handle Cookware that saves up to 70% of kitchen space.

One handle does the job for all the cookware included in the 17-piece nonstick set — from saucepans and saute pans to frying pans and grill pans — so there's no cumbersome stacking in your cabinets with oversized items and handles sticking out. Simply unlock and release the handle from one piece of cookware and grip it onto another item, locking it in place with the built-in toggle button. Plus, the set is dishwasher safe and you won't have to worry about getting a bunch of handles to play nicely in the dishwasher.

Sensarte's Nonstick Detachable Handle Cookware is available for $79.99 on

Brod & Taylor Baking Shell

Aluminum baking shell for bread
Aluminum baking shell for bread - Mashed

Making a fresh loaf of bread doesn't need to be complicated or labor-intensive — or take several hours. Brod & Taylor's Baking Shell provides the same great quality you'd expect from your local bakery without all the extra steps needed by most at-home DIY bread makers or the heavy, cumbersome cast iron cookware some bread home bakers use.

Its simple design requires no preheating or complex machinery. Place your dough on a flat surface like a cookie sheet and transfer it to your oven, then place the lightweight aluminum shell over it to speed up the baking process. As your oven heats up, the shell will capture the warmth and distribute it for an evenly-cooked loaf. The shell also captures steam as the bread bakes, which will help produce that crumbly crust and hearty rise that makes homemade bread so delicious.

Brod & Taylor's Baking Shell retails for $99.

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