Inspirational bride walks down the aisle wearing a custom gold bionic arm

Ciara Sheppard
Contributor Yahoo Style UK
Rebekah Marine and Jared on their wedding day [Photo: Instagram/rebekahmarine]

On our wedding day, we can only hope to look the best version of ourselves.

For some, this might entail a post-wedding spray tan, a professional teeth whitening procedure or perhaps hiring a hairstylist to make your ‘do look amazing.

But for one bride, her feel-good move involved wearing a glittery, gold bionic arm.

Rebekah Marine – a 31-year-old model – was born with Symbrachydactyly (or limb difference) and has always worn a black prosthetic arm.

But her wedding day called for something a bit more special.

New Jersey-based Rebekah – who was wedding to medical student Jared Paster, 32 – said: “I knew when I got engaged that I wanted a wedding arm – I wanted to do something special.

“The whole point of wearing it was to draw attention to it. I wanted people to see it and notice it because I am proud of where I am right now.

“Originally I had liked the idea of white, but I realised you might lose it with the white of my wedding dress.

“A friend suggested gold and that tied in to my white wedding colors and the challenge then was finding the right shade of gold because I didn’t want to look like C3PO.

“It was a long process getting it right but it’s such a cool piece. It’s really beautiful. It has sparkles in it and it glistens in the sunlight.

“Growing up I feared marriage because I feared everyone looking at me so it’s awesome to see how far I’ve come,” she said.

Rebekah is a motivational speaker, who caught her big break at age 22 when she was asked to walk at New York Fashion Week, shortly after getting a prosthetic arm.

Since, she’s starred in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Nordstrom.

She says she grew up in a “bubble” and was never bullied for her disability, but as she got older people asked questions and she became insecure.

Rebekah now says she’s on a mission to spread a message of body positivity.

The gold limb went down such a treat for the wedding, that the model even decided to bring it on her honeymoon.

She wrote on her Instagram: “We just got back from our honeymoon and I wore the gold arm there.

“I would wear sunglasses and I could see everybody staring at me because they didn’t know I was looking at them.

“It was cool to see people staring at it in awe.

“The gold arm makes me more approachable. It draws a lot more attention and the whole point of wearing it is to draw attention to it.

“I want people to ask questions and I want to educate people about it.

“We all can’t be Kim Kardashian, realistically, so we have to learn to embrace our uniqueness.

“It is so important to talk about the differences we all have.”

Hear, hear to that.

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