This interactive toy keeps dogs 'entertained for hours' and pet owners say it's a 'sanity saver'

Keep your playful pup and adult dogs busy and mentally stimulated with the Starmark Bob-a-Lot interactive toy (Photo: Getty)
Keep your playful pup and adult dogs busy and mentally stimulated with the Starmark Bob-a-Lot interactive toy (Photo: Getty)

From playful puppies to adult dogs, pets (and their owners) are obsessed with the one interactive toy that does it all: The Starmark Bob-a-Lot.

The mentally stimulating toy helps pets get exercise and stay engaged while they work to disperse food and treats. The Chewy best-seller has an anti-slip weighted base so it can tilt and bob around, keeping Fido guessing as kibble and treats slowly spill out.

“With the two different slots you can change the degree of difficulty,” a five-star reviewer explains. “This toy is not something to be thrown in the air. The outside is hard plastic and the purple bottom is weighted. The whole thing is pretty heavy so make sure you buy the right size for your dog and I wouldn't suggest you use this on a tile floor as dropping it could crack the tile. Overall, I would recommend it.”

The Bob-a-Lot is available in two different sizes, has adjustable openings to control the release of food in each of its two chambers, and helps keep pups busy to prevent destructive behaviors and boredom. But that’s not the only reason to get your hands on this sanity saver.

Starmark Treat-Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Toy—small (left) and large (right) (Photo: Starmark)
Starmark Treat-Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Toy—small (left) and large (right) (Photo: Starmark)

Slow feeder

Some pet owners use the Bob-a-Lot as a slow feeder to avoid digestive problems.

One reviewer says: “This is a great way to slow down a dog that eats too fast. He also gets exercise from pushing it around the room. It is adjustable so you can use different size food or treats. You can make the food come out slower by adjusting the holes smaller. Go order one!”

“Our 18 month old chow hound is inconsolable until we feed him — then he wolfs it down sonic speed level,” adds another. “To (a) control his fast eating and (b) stimulate him mentally, this Bob-A-Lot is worth every penny. Absolutely saves the day. Roman enjoys the challenge and playing w/ the toy/feeder. Plus we don't have to worry about his gulping his meal so quickly. We put 1/2 his food in his bowl, and the other half goes in the Bob-a-Lot. 5 stars, hands down.”

Weight loss

In some cases, the Bob-a-Lot has not only helped dogs eat slower, but also helped with weight loss.

“My dog usually takes about 30 minutes to get her two cups of food out of this toy, and it is on the easiest difficulty level right now. Great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and distracted while feeding them!” says a happy customer.

Another adds, “I have a Cavalier King Charles that was put on a diet by his vet for being 10 pounds overweight. I bought this toy to put his food rather than his treats in. It is amazing. It slows his eating and makes him look forward to food time because it’s more of a game. I’m so glad I got this toy”

Starmark Treat-Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Toy (Photo: Starmark)
Starmark Treat-Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Toy (Photo: Starmark)

Behavioral issues

Those who use the toy to keep pups busy say it can also help calm nerves for dogs with separation anxiety or other behavioral issues.

“This toy is great for our pup!” raves one Chewy reviewer. “Once we showed her how to get the treats out, she will whack it around in the cutest possible way to get the food. It’s incredibly sturdy — it’s got scratch marks all over it but she hasn’t been able to really do much to it in ways of destruction.”

“I adopted my dog when she was three years old ... I only know part of her past,” explained another happy dog parent. “When she started to revert back to some of the behaviors she had when I got her, it worried me. I was so glad to find Bob-a-Lot. It keeps her physically active, and that's become hugely important!”

Another writes, “On days that I'm extremely busy and can't give my pup much time to play ball with him I use this. I put his kibble inside so he is mentally stimulated and busy. It's adorable to see him nudge it around and get excited when the kibble falls out.”

The mentally stimulating toy helps pets get exercise and stay engaged while they work to release food and treats (Photo: Starmark)
The mentally stimulating toy helps pets get exercise and stay engaged while they work to release food and treats (Photo: Starmark)

Bottom line

The Bob-a-Lot is a truly versatile interactive toy that will keep dogs of all ages active and well-fed. It will also help keep the focus on the activity and away from destructive behaviors that result from boredom.

“Love love love this toy!!! Keeps our dog very busy during the day and has saved our remaining furniture legs from getting chewed on,” says one reviewer. “I did have to show him how it worked initially and I would say it took a few days before he really got a hang of it. Now we alternate it with his other puzzle toys and it does a great job of getting him up and moving while wearing out his mind.”

Another adds, “Our dogs went crazy for these! They even guarded them just in case someone was going to take them away. They absolutely loved them. I would definitely buy again.”

Shop it: Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Dog Toy, $13 to $18,

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