The internet can't believe how old this actress is

Photo via Instagram/chiling.lin

We’ve all heard about the mythical fountain of youth — but one model’s recent age reveal will leave you wondering whether it truly exists.

While Lin Chi-Ling hasn’t revealed her secret to a flawless and wrinkle-free complexion, she has revealed that she is 42-years-old – and her fans can’t believe it. The actress from Taiwan has more than 367,000 followers on Instagram where she shares selfies and outfit of the day photos. Touted for her youthful appearance and revealing clothing, Chi-Ling has starred in several Japanese films and television shows.

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A University of Toronto graduate, the model is fluent in English with a global following of fans. After revealing she was born in November 1974, fans couldn’t get enough of the model’s Instagram feed, some even claiming sorcery can be attributed to Chi-Ling’s youthful appearance.

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“It must be magic, she’s like an elf,” commented one fan.

“She is a perfect goddess,” added another.

Whether there really is a fountain of youth or her appearance is chalked up to good genetics, we’d consider buying her skincare products.

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