Internet goes wild over President Trump's cringeworthy fashion faux pas

Marah Alindogan

The internet is having a field day with President Trump's latest fashion faux pas -- a mismatched suit.

The president met Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C. to discuss race relations in the wake of the Charlottesville protest on Wednesday. If you recall, Trump sparked outrage over his remarks following the protest that killed 3 people and injured 35 others.

Photos of the meeting surfaced online, and the internet was quick to point out the president's cringeworthy style crime. Trump donned navy blue jacket, a bright blue tie and black slacks. Meanwhile,Scott was praised for his look, which was composed of a black jacket and trousers, a gold tie and some colorful dress socks.

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"Trump is wearing a horribly mismatched suit. Scott on the other hand, with the A+ socks," one Twitter user wrote.

Another person posted: "During a meeting with Tim Scott, Trump wore a blue suit jacket with black suit pants, completely unaware of the error he made."

One observant user also compared Trump's faux pas to a similar incident involving former president Barack Obama. While he was still in office, Obama wore a tan suit that caused massive uproar:

"Is Trump wearing a navy suit jacket and black pants?!?!?! This is the next tan suit gate."

This isn't the first time that Trump has made headlines for his fashion. Back in December 2016, the internet noticed something about his ties. As he got off the plane, the wind caught his tie and revealed he uses scotch tape to hold his tie together.

Months later in March 2017, a similar incident occurred revealing that he still uses scotch tape for his ties!

Another one of President Trump's signature style staples are his hats embroidered with phrases like "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN." More on that in the video above.

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