The internet is obsessed with this 6-month-old baby's hair

While some babies are sporting peach fuzz well past their first birthday, others enter the world ready for a wash, cut and blow-dry.

6-month-old Maica Chanco. Image via Instagram.

Such is the case for Maica Chanco, a six-month-old baby with an impressive online following and an even more impressive head of hair.

Over 40,000 people follow Baby Chanco, an account that serves as a ‘hair diary’ for the Japanese tot’s incredibly thick locks. Chanco’s posts receive thousands of likes by fans from all over the world who marvel at her bouffant hairstyle.

Image via Instagram.

Chanco is just one of many babies who’ve gone viral for their wild mop of hair.

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Despite being told during their ultrasound that their baby would have hair, Alexis Bartlett’s parents were in disbelief when she was born.

Alexis Bartlett was born with so much hair, it was visible on an ultrasound. Image via

At first we were both shocked, it wasn’t just her scalp, she had a hairy forehead and hair all over her back — not to mention her hairy butt,” Adrian Bartlett recalled. “The ultrasound even showed up that she was going to be hairy so that was a clear indication she was going to be taking after me in those stakes. I was born with hair and I’ve even put together two photos of us as hairy babies to show people where she’s inherited it from.”

While it’s still unknown the exact reason why some babies are born with hair and others are born bald, doctors suggest it’s likely due to genetics.

Baby Chanco. Image via Instagram.

According to Toronto-based paediatritian, Bevery Kupret, hair is a fairly common worry for new parents – some worry that their child has too much hair, while some worry that there’s not enough.

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Just because a baby is still bald at 18 months or beyond does not mean she won’t have beautiful hair thereafter. There is a very wide variation of what’s normal,” Kupfret says. 

Baby Chanco may have won the lottery when it comes to hair, but for all of the envious parents coveting the infant’s flow just remember: Bald is beautiful, too!

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