This internet star had the best reaction when a girl asked him to photoshop her to be 'skinny'

Image via Twitter.

A graphic designer who gained internet fame for churning out comedic edits of photos is earning praise for showing off his softer side.

James Fridman has amassed more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter and 1.7 million followers on Instagram by humorously editing photos submitted by people online.


While the U.K.-based designer is known for trolling his followers with his literal edits (photoshopping a woman’s face into a square when she wants it to appear ‘less round’) his recent work sends a powerful message about the desire to photoshop photos to appear “perfect.”

Earlier this week, Fridman shared an image he received of a young woman sitting on a swing set, with the request to Photoshop her to appear thinner.

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“I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I was like…what, 7? I’ve tried everything to lose weight too! I’ve done sports, ate healthy, exercises, took pills, legit everything,” her message to Fridman read. “But I still remain um…fat.”

The young girl asked Fridman to alter her appearance so she could be “skinny for once” saying, “I just want to see what I would look like if I was pretty.”

Like all of his posts, Fridman shared the original photo supplied next to his reply. However, instead of making any edits to the picture, he took the opportunity to send an empowering message to his young fan.

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“Skinny doesn’t necessarily mean pretty,” he began. “Don’t let the struggle of trying to lose weight take the fun out of your life. Stay active, eat healthy and let yourself be happy just the way you are.”

Thousands of followers praised Fridman for his reply and shared kind words to the unnamed young woman.

“He’s been asked to make similar changes before and he’s responded just as he did above…be like James,” follower Steven Ross wrote.

Image via Twitter.

“Oh boy… here come the cry,” another male user wrote. “Thanks @fjamie013, this is so wholesome and yes, you already are gorgeous and you should see that too. Hopefully very soon.”

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Image via Twitter.