‘Irish Wish’ Cast and Character Guide | Photos

To combat the ominous atmosphere of the Ides of March, Netflix has another Lindsay Lohan film, “Irish Wish,” which is now streaming. The follow-up to “Falling for Christmas” in Lohan’s deal with the streamer to make two films, “Irish Wish” focuses on love, luck and a little bit of magic in the rom-com that arrives right before Saint Patrick’s Day.

Lohan portrays a smart book editor, except when it comes to matters of her heart. It takes a wish granted by a mystical woman out in the beautiful Irish countryside to get Maddie to realize that what she hopes and dreams for might not be what she wants or should want in life.

Featuring music from Lohan’s younger sister, Aliana, and a guest appearance from her brother, Dokota, the cast is stacked with other familiar faces as well. We’ve rounded up the “Irish Wish” cast and characters below:

Maddie (Lindsay Lohan) in the Netflix rom-com "Irish Wish"
Lindsay Lohan in “Irish Wish” (Netflix)

Maddie Kelly (Lindsay Lohan)

Maddie edits all of best-selling author Paul Kennedy’s (Alexander Vlahos) books, except for his most recent one, which she basically wrote herself. After working with Paul for many years, Maddie can’t get past her feelings for the Irish-born writer, so she makes a wish to marry him, and it comes true, sort of.

Lindsay Lohan is known for films like “The Parent Trap” (1998) in which she plays twins Annie and Hallie, “Mean Girls” (2004) in which she plays Cady Heron, “Freaky Friday” (2003) in which she plays Anna Coleman and more recently, “Falling for Christmas” (2022) in which she plays Sierra Belmont. She also made a cameo appearance in the “Mean Girls” musical movie (2024).

Paul Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos) in "Irish Wish" (Netflix)
Paul Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos) in “Irish Wish” (Netflix)

Paul Kennedy (Alexander Vlahos)

Paul Kennedy hails from Ireland, and his roots greatly influence his books. He relies heavily on Maddie for edits and he thinks they make a great team, platonically.

Alexander Vlahos appeared as Allan Christie in “Outlander” and Charles Lockhart in “Sanditon.” He also directed “Bright World: So It Goes” (2022) and “Lola” (2020).

Ed Speleers in "Irish Wish" (Netflix)
Ed Speleers in “Irish Wish” (Netflix)

James Thomas (Ed Speleers)

James is a tumbleweed of a traveler who goes where the wind takes him on photography assignments. He happens to be in Ireland at the same time as Maddie for work, and she runs into him on both sides (before and after) of her wish. He helps her see the truth in things and work up the courage to use her voice.

Ed Speleers is known for playing Jack Crusher in “Star Trek: Picard,” Rhys in “You” Season 4, Jimmy Kent in “Downton Abbey” and Stephen Bonnet in “Outlander.”

Ayesha Curry in "Irish Wish" (Netflix)
Ayesha Curry in “Irish Wish” (Netflix)

Heather (Ayesha Curry)

Heather is one of Maddie’s best friends. She has some insight into how Maddie truly feels, but she wants a man for herself as well.

Ayesha Curry is known for appearances in “Gary Unmarried,” “Love for Sale” and “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” as well as “The Bold Type” (2020). She has been married to professional basketball player Stephen Curry for over ten years, and they have three children with one on the way.

From left to right: Elizabeth Tan and Lindsay Lohan in "Irish Wish" (Netflix)
From left to right: Elizabeth Tan and Lindsay Lohan in “Irish Wish” (Netflix)

Emma Taylor (Elizabeth Tan)

Emma is another one of Maddie’s good friends, though she and Paul hit it off at the publishing party for his latest book. Before Maddie makes her wish, it’s Emma who is marrying Paul.

Elizabeth Tan is known for appearances in “The Singapore Grip,” “Top Boy” and “Emily in Paris.” She also starred as Jun Yuhuan in “Agatha and the Midnight Murders” (2020).

Jane Seymour in "Irish Wish" (Netflix)
Jane Seymour in “Irish Wish” (Netflix)

Rosemary Kelly (Jane Seymour)

Rosemary is Maddie’s mother and a school principal in their hometown in Iowa. She advises Maddie to tell Paul how she feels, but she is so far removed from the events of Ireland and the wish, until she comes prompted by the wedding between Paul and Maddie.

Jane Seymour is known for playing Elise McKenna in “Somewhere in Time” (1980), Solitaire in “Live and Let Die” (1973) and Kathleen Cleary in “Wedding Crashers” (2005). She also played Dr. Michaela Quinn in all 149 episodes of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”

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