Is Katrina cuddling with Vicky Kaushal in her recent social media post?

Sulagna D
·1 min read

There have been quite a few speculations about a romantic linkup between Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, but recently, a social media post by Katrina and Vicky ignited the rumour back again.

A snap shared by Katrina Kaif on social media recently fueled speculations that she is hugging rumoured boyfriend Vicky Kaushal, judging by the colour of Vicky’s t-shirt.

Check out their Instagram pics here:

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

In other news, Varun Dhawan recently hinted at Shraddha Kapoor and celebrity photographer Rohan Shreshtha’s wedding next. Shraddha has long been linked to her celebrity photographer friend Rohan. They have been linked together after multiple spotting together. It started when Rohan congratulated Varun Dhawan on social media, "Congratulations VD and Nats. When you know you know! VD you’re a lucky guy!" To this Varun Dhawan’s replied, “I truly am. Hope you are ready.”

Reacting to said rumors, Shakti Kapoor, "I don't know what reports and speculation are surfacing on the Internet. But I shall always stand by my daughter... in every decision of her life, she takes, including her marriage. Why only Rohan Shrestha? If she comes and tells me whoever she has chosen and wants to settle down with, I will not have any objection."

Talking about Rohan Shreshtha, the veteran actor further added, "Rohan is a very nice boy. He does come home but he has come home since childhood. Shraddha hasn't told me that she plans to marry him. To me, they are still just childhood friends... I do not know if they are serious about each other."