Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton After the Debate

Hannah Smothers

From Cosmopolitan

After a 90-minute debate in which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump verbally duked it out over emails, tax returns, and the morality of saying you like to grab women "by the p***y," the presidential nominees’ eldest children - Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton - shared a civil-seeming handshake.

Now, before all this drama between their parents started, Chelsea and Ivanka were friends. Here’s a photo from 2014 to serve as proof:

But earlier this year, the two friends reportedly had a falling out. And that was before the audio of Trump saying incredibly offensive things about women was released, and before Trump hosted a panel targeting at Bill Clinton’s past, and before Hillary Clinton said the only good thing about Donald Trump is his children (who she described as "incredibly able").

So, with all these dramas in mind, what do you think Ivanka and Chelsea could *possibly* have said to each other after the second presidential debate?

My money is that it was something along the lines of:

Chelsea: "I need a very big drink."

Ivanka: "Same."

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