Ivanka Trump faces backlash after blocking Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu

Christina Gregg, AOL.com

Rep. Ted Lieu was one of two Democratic lawmakers to call for the removal of Ivanka's security clearance on Thursday, but he needed some help getting her the message.

Lieu joined Rep. Don Beyer in calling for the removal of both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's security clearance, citing the couple's "brazen disregard for ethics."

"Reports showed their flagrant hypocrisy having used private emails to hide their correspondence from investigators. They also repeatedly missed deadlines for reporting financial assets to the Office of Government Ethics," the letter reads. "Beyond that, Ms. Trump was reportedly close to being indicted for real estate fraud in 2012 but avoided prosecution thanks to a dubious meeting between Donald Trump’s lawyer and the New York District Attorney. This behavior makes them unfit to hold security clearances."

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The letter comes after Kushner and Ivanka Trump have recently become embroiled in multiple reports raising red flags on their ethics. Kushner and Ivanka were again fined for late submissions of their financial disclosure forms, which ended up including different personal asset values. In addition, a new ProPublica report claims Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. were almost indicted for real estate fraud in 2010 and a Newsweek report reveals Ivanka Trump used a personal email account for government business.

Lieu on Thursday took to Twitter to share he and Beyer's letter, but also noted that he needed to enlist the help of his followers in getting Ivanka Trump to see it.

"@IvankaTrump, a senior White House adviser, has blocked me on Twitter. Can you help forward our letter to her?" Lieu wrote via Twitter on Thursday. "Thank you."

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In true social media fashion, Twitter users took to the call to action like wildfire -- making sure President Trump's eldest daughter received the message.

"If you work hard and tweet the truth, I'm sure you'll get an Ivanka block," Emily Brandwin wrote.

"At which of her secret email addresses?" another Twitter user jested.

"NO ONE in the White House (ANY admin) should ever block a congressperson, or vice versa," another Twitter user wrote. "Highlights this admin's ineptitude & partisanship."

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