J Balvin Says His Upcoming Album Is a 'Lot of Greatness' and He Wants to Make Music for the 'World' (Exclusive)

Balvin's collaboration with Verizon on the Catch my iPhone campaign launched Friday

<p> Dia Dipasupil/Getty </p> J Balvin in New York City on Nov. 2, 2022

Dia Dipasupil/Getty

J Balvin in New York City on Nov. 2, 2022

J Balvin is getting ready to share his latest project with the world.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the launch of Verizon's Catch My iPhone campaign which features Balvin's latest single "Dientes," the Colombian star opened up about what fans can expect from his upcoming album.

"I'm Latino but I make music for the whole world," Balvin, 38, says. "I want people from Japan, people from Indonesia and Australia to mesh with the music. I think ["Dientes"] achieved that."

With some help from Usher and DJ Khaled, Balvin released "Dientes," an interpolation of Usher's 2004 hit "Yeah!" on Friday.

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"To me, it reminds me of going to the club in 2019. And when I heard these sounds I said, ‘I feel like I have to do this.’ This new era of the song... and then to have Usher on it. It's crazy," the "Mi Gente" singer says.

Balvin's last album was 2021's Jose. Since then, he's leaned into fatherhood (he welcomed son Rio in June 2021 with model Valentina Ferrer) and took time to reflect.

"A lot of things changed. I'm just a different person. I grew up some more," he says. "I still have a lot of things that I have to adapt to... I have to change. Like definitely getting in the space to take a minute and say, 'We need to have fun and not everything is work.'"

In a professional sense, Balvin has been working to "reinvent" himself for his upcoming album, which does not have a release date yet. "I'm excited. It's a lot of greatness," he says.

Meanwhile, his collaboration with Verizon for the Catch My iPhone campaign is an AR activation launched Friday featuring a 300-foot tall Balvin walking across the country to fans' homes for a chance to win the new iPhone 15.



In February, Balvin opened up to PEOPLE about uplifting the Latinx community to set an example for this son.

"I really relate to people who need help. Growing up as an artist, I wanted help and didn't have that help," he said at the time. "I didn't know what was in the next corner. I had no one to guide me."

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"When you have a son, you want your kid to be better and not commit the same mistakes we did. We want people to help them and give them the chance that they might not have had."

He concluded, "You can talk a lot, but you've got to lead by example. I do it because I really enjoy it, but if I give that example to my son, it'll be beautiful. Because actions speak by themselves. That really is key in life."

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