J-drama Japan Sinks: People Of Hope postpones release of new episode due to Japanese election

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Shun Oguri as Keishi Amami in Japan Sinks: People Of Hope. (Photo: Netflix)
Shun Oguri as Keishi Amami in Japan Sinks: People Of Hope. (Photo: Netflix)

Currently aired till its third episode, Japan Sinks: People Of Hope will be having a short break due to the Japanese election, which falls on the same day as the original release date of its fourth episode. The airing of the new episode will be postponed a week later to 7 November.

The Japanese disaster drama follows the story of Keishi Amami (Shun Oguri), who is originally sceptical of the idea that Japan will sink, but gradually gets convinced by the evidence supplied by geophysics Professor Tadokoro (Kagawa Teruyuki). Although Amami and Koichi Tokiwa (Kenichi Matsuyama) are good friends, their different values tend to come into conflict, especially regarding the measures to deal with the impending disaster.

Japan Sinks: People Of Hope started airing on Sunday nights in Japan, and subsequently internationally on Netflix earlier this month. As the story unfolds with increasing suspense, the probability of Kanto sinking into the depths of the sea becomes greater with each episode.

When the drama announced the postponement of its new episode on Twitter, fans reacted with comments like:

“I can’t wait another week!”

“I’m looking forward to the week after!”

“The week after? I’m curious [about the story].”

“I want to watch [the new episode] soon.”

Some even cheekily merged the storyline with the election, saying:

“We’re having election even though Japan may sink tomorrow?!”

“Is the election more important than human lives?”

“Next week, Japan will sink during the election, and Kanto will sink the week after?”

New episodes of Japan Sinks: People Of Hope will be released every Monday at 12am (JST) on Netflix, with the latest (fourth) episode coming on 8 November instead of 1 November.

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