Jack P Shepherd says he's 'lucky he still has a face' after cabin fire incident

The actor had a narrow escape after trying to start a log fire hot tub

Jack P Shepherd has defended the recasting of Todd Grimshaw. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)
Jack P Shepherd has opened up about a scary incident during a romantic getaway. (Getty Images)

Jack P Shepherd has said he's lucky to still have a face after a frightening fire incident during a recent weekend away.

The Coronation Street star came a cropper when he tried to start up a log fire hot tub with some lighter fluid at the remote cabin he was staying in with girlfriend Hanni Treweek.

Shepherd, 35, said he was familiar with log fire hot tubs as his sister has one, but that the one at the cabin was a bit different. It was also raining at the time, which made things trickier.

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Speaking on the Sofa Cinema Club podcast, he said: "There is a shoot, so I have to open up the hatch and I have to drop logs and kindling down and hope it sort of catches. I can't get my hands down, so I have to light it above and drop it down, and it's raining.

"I can't even get the fire going.

"I'm trying to light this kindling in my hand while sort of craning my neck to hold onto the brolly to stop water from dousing out the flames."

"So I'm holding fire in my hands!"

The actor, best known for playing David Platt on the cobbles, went on: "I'm thinking, 'There's got to be a simpler way? Surely'. And there was.

"I found a bottle of spirit, like lighter fluid. Just as I'm pouring the lighter fluid down, of course I've got a little bit of flame and it comes back up. Eyebrows. Brolly. And then the flame goes in the bottle. I had to drop the whole f****** thing in."


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Jack P Shepherd is known for starring as David Platt in Corrie. (ITV)

"The whole thing went in and then it goes up like it's 5 November," added the star.

"I'm lucky I've still got my face."

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Shepherd and Treweek have been romantically linked for five years after meeting on the set of the ITV soap, where Treweek worked behind the scenes.

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