Jamie Lynn Spears Invites Heroic First Responders to Daughter Maddie’s 9th Birthday Party

Jamie Lynn Spears knows her daughter, Maddie Aldridge, is lucky to be alive to celebrate her 9th birthday, so the singer/songwriter made it extra special by inviting some of the first responders who saved the girl’s life earlier this year to help mark the day.

Over the weekend, Maddie had a pool party with her pals — and a few VIP guests named John and Victoria. The young man and woman rescued the child after she accidentally drove an ATV into a pond on a relative’s property in Kentwood, La., and was trapped underwater in February.

“My baby is 9 years old today, and more then ever we realize how precious every day is,” Britney’s little sister, 26, wrote on Monday. “So, we have to thank these 2 HEROS. John and Victoria are the first responders, who literally saved Maddie’s life, and they were able to celebrate her another year of her life with us this past weekend! Thank God for these amazing people, and thank you God for your amazing grace. We are so blessed today, and everyday with this little angel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE.”

We’re sure it was a highly emotional moment for Maddie — and her mother and stepfather, Jamie Watson. However, the party was also just good, light-hearted fun. Lots of Maddie’s friends were invited over to a pool party. There was ice cream, a two-tiered cake, and loads of LSU decorations (even the swimming noodles and towels were purple and yellow).

There was no Aunt Britney, however. She’s on tour in Asia.

In February, Maddie was off-roading when she flipped her Polaris and was submerged under water for “several minutes.” However, she was freed and airlifted to a New Orleans hospital, where she remained in “critical but stable condition.” With her famous family by her side praying their hearts out, she quickly recovered and was released just a week later. She’s since made a full recovery, returning to school and sports soon after.

On Jamie Lynn’s 26th birthday in April, she wrote about her priority shift in the wake of her only child’s accident. “Music and my career have always been a big passion in my life, as well as to create a future that my family could be proud of,” she wrote. “I have been working on my music for almost a decade now, and I have had many great successes as an artist-writer, but I was always wondering, how long I would have to WAIT for my big break? Wow, did God put me in my place. … Time doesn’t matter, and seems to blur together when you’re waiting for your daughter to wake up, and a day could be a week, and you wouldn’t notice, because you’re fighting for what you love.”

The story had a happy ending though — and it’s nice that they could celebrate that with the other people who also fought hard to save that little girl’s life.

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