Jamie Oliver and wife Jools stun in unseen family photos - and fans react

Jools Oliver embracing husband Jamie
Jamie and Jools were the perfect couple (Instagram)

Jamie Oliver surprised fans when he shared a series of unseen family images to mark his mother Sally's birthday on Tuesday.

In the series of candid photos both Jamie, 48, and his wife Jools Oliver were seen posing with his parents at various gatherings from over the years.

"Happy birthday to my incredible mum, you are the best of the best and I couldn't love you any more, I feel lucky to have you," the celebrity chef wrote in the caption. "Have the most wonderful day mumma can't wait to see you soon x x x x."

One of the images shows the doting son looking very suave at a beachfront event as he took a selfie with both of his parents. Other photos included some with Jamie's rarely-seen sister Anna-Marie.

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Fans rushed to post comments, with one writing: "Happy birthday, you have the most amazing beautiful family!!! But I'm quite sure you know that." Another said: "Mums are the best! Happy happy Birthday!" A third post read: "Enjoy every moment with your lovely mum, it would have been my mums birthday today as well."

Jools Oliver and Jamie at a movie premiere
The couple have been married for 23 years (Jeff Spicer)

Since his humble beginnings, Jamie has gone on to have a hugely successful career, finding fame in the nineties with The Naked Chef. Since then, the star has fronted numerous TV shows, owned restaurant chains and has gone on to release several best-selling cookery books.

Away from his busy work schedule, Jamie is a doting husband to five children; Poppy, 21, Daisy, 20, Petal, 14, Buddy, 12 and seven-year-old River. The star has been married to wife Jools for over 23 years, having met at just 17 where they became high school sweethearts.

Earlier this month, Jools confessed to finding change "hard". Following a wonderful summer with their five children, the children's designer penned a lengthy Instagram message about her youngest children returning to school, and wondering how to fill that void. Watch the video below...

"First few days back at school and my head is all over the place!!" she wrote. "I find change SO hard. For the first few days of any big change I yearn and long for the old routine back whatever that looked like it would be something I am just used to."

No doubt many parents would be able to relate to this. Alongside a compilation clip, which you can watch in the video below, the mum-of-five added: "I find the holidays the absolute hardest. I know it's because this stage means a new term, new year group, River moving up to year 3 wearing a big blazer, expectations for him to be a 'big boy' to soon!!

Jools and Jamie Oliver are proud parents to five kids
Jools and Jamie Oliver are proud parents to five kids (Instagram)

"As my timeline is measured in school terms it's clearer to see that big changes are happening for us all and time as I get older goes way to fast [heart emoji] so attempting a fancy reel to remember our beautiful summer holidays…..where there was unforgettable laughter (till we cried) tears/tantrums and moods for all sorts of reasons!"

She rounded off the emotional post with: "I would do it all again in a heartbeat [heart emoji] thank you summer holidays for your precious time as always xxx."