Jana Kramer says she’s 'emotional thinking about the first holiday being divorced and being single'

Jana Kramer is seeking advice on how to approach the holiday season, sharing that she's been "emotional" about it being her first as a single mother.

The 37-year-old got candid about her feelings heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas on her Whine Down podcast, speaking with guest Jennie Garth about her own experience as a divorcee. Kramer shared that she began to think about the season ahead when she saw families dressing up together for Halloween.

"We used to always go out and we would dress up together as a family and now it’s like, oh it’s different. And then I was like, oh god, so is Christmas. I don’t even know if I want to put up decorations because then that’s just gonna make me sad," said the singer and actress. "I’m gonna be honest, I feel like even thinking about it I get so emotional — thinking about the first holiday being divorced and being single."

Kramer shares two children with her ex-husband Mike Caussin, who she divorced in 2021. While she's been outspoken about the fallout, she asked Garth about her approach to the holidays.

Jana Kramer prepares for holiday season after divorce. (Photo: Getty Images)
Jana Kramer prepares for holiday season after divorce. (Photo: Getty Images) (Michael Tran via Getty Images)

"For my last divorce I really thought about my kids. I just thought yea that’s gonna make me sad but I don’t really matter right now. What matters is my kid’s happiness and making this a good holiday for them because they’re going through the ringer in their own way dealing with all of this," Garth explained. "I just wanted to make things seem as cozy and comfortable and familiar for them as I possibly could. So you kind of just have to put yourself on the back burner, which we’re used to doing, so we’re good at it. But just keep that in the forefront of your mind that the kids really deserve a holiday. They didn’t ask for this divorce, it’s not their fault so just keep those things in mind."

Kramer went on to ask Garth about her experience with co-parenting, as the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress shares three children with her ex. "I feel like I go forward and then I go 10 steps back," Kramer said. Garth assured Kramer that the feeling is normal.

"Every time I would have to face my ex and his then girlfriend at my doorstep picking up my daughters to take them for a week, took a million steps back. When you have kids and you share custody, that’s really hard. And it makes it really hard to get over it because that person’s in your life forever now and you have to find a way to sort of manage that and be okay with it," Garth shared. "It’s not like a finite thing, it doesn’t definitely happen all at once. Sometimes it comes back, you know. I mean it’s just about noticing it and I think honoring it because you get to have those feelings and managing them and telling yourself I’m better where I am now."

Garth even recalled her ex-husband telling her, "some day you’re gonna thank me for this," which was a sentiment she didn't understand at the time of the divorce. "I feel grateful that my life is the way that it is now instead of trying to make it work in a situation that just couldn’t work," she said.

While Kramer has yet to share holiday plans or festive decor, she did post a positive note about the future, on Instagram, while on a trip to Ireland with a friend.

"I am ready for the next chapter of my life," she wrote in the caption, with credit given to author Lukas Notes. "I am ready for the change that is coming. I can feel it with my whole being, and I embrace it."