Jana Kramer shows off 'ripped' abs in new workout photo: 'Ab goals'

Singer and actress Jana Kramer is sharing inspiration with her fans. (Photo via @kramergirl on Instagram)
Singer and actress Jana Kramer is sharing inspiration with her fans. (Photo via @kramergirl on Instagram)

Jana Kramer is giving fans the workout motivation they didn't know they needed.

On Thursday, the 38-year-old mom-of-two took to Instagram to share a workout photo with her more than 2 million followers. The "One Tree Hill" and "Dancing with the Stars" alum paired the snap of her "ripped" abs with a caption urging her fans to be proud of themselves and not compare their progress to others.

"When the hard work is paying off, be proud of yourself," she penned. "We pick ourselves apart so much and constantly compare, or say, 'Well yea but I don’t like this part.' Be proud of where you are at today."

"We all have our days when we feel off but nothing is overnight," the "Whine Down" podcast host continued. "Don’t compare yourself to other people's photos. Be proud of the work YOU are doing."

Kramer joked that while it may not have looked like it in her photo, she was battling a hangover during her workout.

"Also, today sucked being hungover and doing this. Hair of the dog later," she joked. "Also, I love you @erinoprea [Erin Oprea] and your annoying booty bands."

The "I Got the Boy" singer's post was met with applause for her toned abs and her inspirational message.

"Yes, girl! #Ripped," one Instagram user commented, while another wrote, "Ab goals."

"You’re looking incredible!" another fan chimed in.

"This is such a great message, thank you for sharing. You look amazing! And after 2 kids. Super impressive. Your hard work is definitely paying off," someone else added.

"Look at those abs. You're doing great, mama," another commented.

Kramer's post comes just one week after telling fans that she is "emotionally exhausted" from her recent split from her ex-boyfriend, Ian Schinelli.

“I think of it in a way where [if] my divorce didn’t kill me, then nothing is going to kill me,” she revealed on Dear Media’s “It Sure Is A Beautiful Day” podcast on May 10, adding that she has, however, felt "emotionally exhausted" since her recent breakup. "I will never settle for things ever again,” she continued. “I give a lot of grace for people, and I understand people make mistakes. But there’s certain boundaries that I’ve just done such a bad job of sticking to.”

“I disrespect myself in the process of staying in something that I know that’s not what I want out of someone. I don’t want to be with someone that just lied to me,” she explained. “Like, that’s not the kind of relationship I want because then all my past triggers come out and I become someone I’m not. That’s something that I have to realize too.”

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