Jane Fonda, 83, 'ashamed' to admit she cares more about what men think of her looks: 'I need to feel that they think I’m attractive'

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Jane Fonda has admitted that she cares more about what men think of her appearance.

The 83-year-old actress and workout video star said that in spite of being a feminist, she believes wanting men to find her attractive is “just part of my DNA.”

Fonda told Grazia magazine: “If I’m going to be on a Zoom meeting and I know that there’s going to be a man — even if I go to a doctor and it’s a guy — I mean, I feel ashamed even admitting this, but I pay a little extra attention to how I look than I do if it’s a woman.”

“I became an adult in the ’50s and it’s just part of my DNA. I probably will feel that way on my death bed,” the Oscar winner shared.

The Grace and Frankie star added, “I do it because I need to feel that they think I’m attractive. I don’t mean sexy. I mean just look good for my age.”

The political campaigner and environmental activist admitted that it took her a while to embrace feminism because she mistook the ethos of the women’s movement as being about disliking men.

Fonda went on: “And then when I very first became a feminist I didn’t really pay that much attention to how I looked ... because I thought that to be taken seriously I had to look like I didn’t care how I looked.

“A point came when I really became a feminist, not just theoretically in my head, but an embodied feminist, and I was confident in my feminism that I didn’t have to forgo looking good.”

She added: “You can look beautiful and still be a feminist.”

Jane Fonda as Barbarella in 1968. (Photo: Getty Images)
Jane Fonda as Barbarella in 1968. (Photo: Getty Images)

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