Jason Alexander plays Annie in the role of a lifetime on 'Young Sheldon'

Jason Alexander returned to the stage on Young Sheldon, but not in a role he would typically, or ever, play. In the show, Alexander played Sheldon’s drama teacher, Mr. Lundy. Sheldon was immediately impressed by Mr. Lundy because of the incredible work he did as a mattress in Mattress Madness commercials. When it came time for Sheldon to audition, Mr. Lundy was so impressed that he couldn’t help but join in singing, “Who Could Ask For Anything More?” This was the first time Alexander put his singing and dancing skills to work, but he’d be singing again.

Sheldon earned himself the lead role in the school play, Annie. Unfortunately, Sheldon got stage fright after looking out over the audience and handed the orange curly wig to Mr. Lundy. Next thing you know, Alexander goes onstage dressed as Annie at the orphanage. Then before too long, there’s Jason Alexander as the world’s been longing to see him. No, not in a Seinfeld spin-off revolving around George Costanza, but wearing that iconic red dress, black shoes with frilly socks, and a curly orange wig belting out “Tomorrow.”