Jay Cutler liked 2017 so much, he wants to play again in 2018

Jay Cutler must not follow his wife on Instagram.

Cutler’s wife, actress Kristin Cavallari, ranted on Instagram last month about “this football (stuff)” and made it clear she isn’t too happy with the sport anymore, for whatever reason. One reason might be that Cutler has gotten pounded as Miami Dolphins quarterback, after coming out of retirement for $10 million.

This doesn’t appear to bother Cutler. Before the Dolphins’ last game of the season, Cutler said he wants to play again in 2018.

“I love playing football. You can only do it for so long,” Cutler said at his normal Wednesday press conference, according to Miami radio host Alex Donno.

Cutler did say he wouldn’t come back as a backup, which seems like a bold proclamation after a so-so season. But someone paid Cutler $10 million in August, so maybe someone else will pay him as a starter when he becomes a free agent in March.

Cutler seemed to have an odd year. He moved into a hotel once the Dolphins signed him at the last minute, and never moved out (“I did get the points,” he said), and he wasn’t pleased with the variety of pay-per-view movies there (“They don’t change as often as you’d like,” Cutler said). He mostly played poorly, but with a few games that were really good. He played particularly well against the Oakland Raiders and a home win against the New England Patriots. It was pretty much like most other Cutler seasons: He was never one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, but probably good enough to be one of the 32 starters.

We’ll see what the offseason brings. He had a hard time finding an NFL team that wanted to sign him earlier this year, and had an announcing gig with Fox lined up, but he was on speed-dial then and probably will be again in 2018 if he doesn’t get signed to be a starter right away. And if he does get signed as an emergency replacement, he’ll have enough hotel rewards points to pay for the stay.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler said he’d like to play again in 2018. (AP)

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