Jenna Jameson posts photo of breastfeeding her daughter at 21 months: 'A mothers milk has no expiration date'

Jenna Jameson knows some people won’t approve of the fact that she’s still breastfeeding her toddler, but she doesn’t care. The former adult film star posted a photo on Instagram Thursday that showed her breastfeeding her daughter, Batel, and explained why it’s so important to her.

“A mothers milk has no expiration date and neither does the love of a mother. 21 months and counting Batel!” Jameson wrote.

Of course, she expected some backlash and “ignorant comments,” as she put it. But she believes it’s powerful for the world to see “these beautiful images of how magical mothers are.”

“Children outgrow these needs in their own time,” she wrote. “We are not creating bad habits, but helping our child find a secure way into independence.”

As expected, not everyone was on board with her breastfeeding for that long — or posting the photos to prove it.

“If it makes you as a mother feel magical thats great but why do you feel that others need to see pics to make it magical?” one person commented. “I am all for breastfeeding but as a child gets older it can be done in the privacy of ones home.”

The response was overwhelmingly positive, though, with other moms sharing how long they breastfed and thanking Jameson for sharing her experience.

“You sure have educated and enlightened my thoughts and opinions about it! I have a whole new appreciation,” someone wrote.

“I breastfed my oldest until he was 2 1/2 yrs old and I stopped only because I became pregnant with twins. Mothers always know best!” another commenter said.

Jameson has been very open about her breastfeeding journey on social media. She posted another breastfeeding photo back when Batel was 18 months old.

At the time, Leigh Anne O’Connor, a board-certified lactation consultant and La Leche League leader, told Yahoo Lifestyle that babies don’t naturally wean themselves off breastfeeding before the age of 2.

“Terms like ‘full-term nursing’ and ‘extended nursing’ have come about because, as a culture, we wean prematurely,” O’Connor said.

When a follower asked Jameson, in the comments of her latest post, how long she planned to breastfeed, she responded that the question “isn’t kind.”

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