Jennifer Aniston, 53, Is A Mega-Toned Summer Queen In IG Bikini Pics

Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

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Jennifer Aniston was just reminiscing about her recent tropical vacation, and it has everyone dreaming of sunshine and salty air. It's hard work being a cultural icon and talented actress, so there's no doubt Jen deserves some R&R. And I, for one, am enjoying the little glimpse of her relaxation station, which was filled with friends, fun, and her mega-fit muscles, of course.

In a new Instagram post, Jen flaunted her defined arms, toned legs, and strong abs while sporting a tiny, string bikini. Whether lounging on a beach chair or taking a hot girl walk down the shore, Jen can't hide her strength.

"Take us back 🙏🏼," the 53-year-old actress captioned the photo dump, and I can see why she's feeling nostalgic. A beach trip with good friends is always number one on my wishlist.

Fans were eager to compliment Jen's vacay looks. "i love beachy jen 😍🔥," said one. "My summer girl 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️," said another. A final follower commented, "🔥🔥🔥 you deserve rest my friend." So true.

When Jen's not tanning on the beach, she's working on her TV series, The Morning Show, sharing beauty tips, or getting active.

Here's what she does to strengthen her epic muscles. First off, she enjoys yoga (and is quite good at it). Jen shared an Instagram video of her at-home practice, and I'm in awe of her balancing abilities.

Jen talked about using Pilates to keep her body moving while she was recovering from an injury during an interview with InStyle in 2021. "But I was missing that kind of sweat when you just go for it," she noted.

Now, she's back to her 15-15-15 workout, which Jen describes as a 15-minute spin, followed by the same time on the elliptical, and a final 15-minute run. Talk about getting your cardio in!

But Jen also enjoys variation in her routine. She incorporates kettlebells, bicycle crunches, and even gets some assistance from her furry friends during some training sessions.

Jen tries to get up and exercise every morning. "I need some kind of movement," she told InStyle.

The Friends actress is also a big fan of collagen, which explains her beautiful hair, skin, and nails. She is a global partner and Chief Creative Officer for Vital Proteins, a top collagen powder brand, where she shares her fave products and wellness tips.

BRB, incorporating some collagen into my morning routine. Hope you're feeling rested, Jen!

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