Jennifer Aniston reveals what she stole from 'Friends' set that she still uses today

On The Late Late Show With James Corden Wednesday night, it was the one where the cast of Friends joined Corden for "Carpool Karaoke." However, in this case, it was "Golf Cart Karaoke" as our favorite friends hitched a ride with the late-night host on the Warner Bros. studio backlot while filming the highly anticipated Friends reunion, which began streaming May 27 on HBO Max.

After singing the classic Friends theme song, Corden ended up at the soundstage that held the sets from the show, where he got to experience every fan's dream — grabbing some coffee with the cast at the Central Perk cafe. There, Matt LeBlanc reminisced about some of the funniest moments on set.

"We spent a lot of time in these sets, had a lot of laughs. Some of it made it on the camera, but the funniest stuff, like, that happened between us that never made it to TV, those are like the memories we keep talking about," shared LeBlanc.

During the reunion, bombshells were revealed, like the fact that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer almost hooked up on set. And on Thursday, a few more secrets came out when Corden asked the cast to play a game called the "Best Friends Test," like the fact that Aniston had the stickiest fingers.

The actress admitted that she even still wears the shoes and outfits she stole to this day! Aniston also revealed that it wasn't just Rachel's wardrobe rack she stole from, she even took items from Monica's rack as well.

As for who broke character and laughed the most? Lisa Kudrow admitted, "I'm the worst. I have no training, no discipline," said Kudrow. However, LeBlanc begged to differ, stating that it was a "toss up between Lisa and Jennifer." The actor also revealed that whenever Rachel covered her face with both of her hands, which she does a lot throughout the 10 seasons, it was to hide the fact that she was laughing.

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