Jennifer Aniston Is Taking Some Time Off From Work

Work hard, play hard.

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Jennifer Aniston is proving that balanced queens take breaks. The actress, who stars in The Morning Show, recently told People that ahead of the series's season 3 premiere this fall, she plans to take a couple months off, and she's going to utilize that downtime by traveling more.

“In our business, you have to demand the time off or carve it out, because there's always something that's going to pop up. So I think after next week I'm going to take June and July off,” she told the outlet. “I've never done that, but I really think I'm going to do it. I’m going to travel because I haven't really since the pandemic. I've become very insular. But it's time to get over that, it’s very easy to fall into agoraphobia after this pandemic. And I refuse to let that happen.”

<p>Jennifer Aniston/Instagram</p>

Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Elsewhere in the interview, the actress also teased that the upcoming installment of the Apple TV+ series will be "more sensual" than past seasons. “It's a good, juicy one," she said. "Everybody's getting in trouble. Everybody has a secret. And everyone's just walking the line. It's a lot more sensual this year.”

The Friends alum also applies the same work hard, play hard sentiment to her workout routine to avoid burnout. She recently told InStyle that she has chosen to forgo the really intense 45 minute cardio workouts.

"I believed it for so long. I just burnt out and broke my body," she said. So, she became a Pvolve partner in order to find exercises that were a good medium between too challenging and too easy. "You're not thinking, or really getting a good workout, when you're doing something over and over again," she added. "After a workout, I don't feel insane fatigue or broken or in pain."

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