Jennifer Garner’s Favorite Hair Mask Is So Good, Amazon Shoppers Give It 6 Out of 5 Stars

Rachel Nussbaum
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Jennifer Garner Uses This Healing Oil to Repair Thinning Hair
Jennifer Garner Uses This Healing Oil to Repair Thinning Hair

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Jennifer Garner's had a busy week. In between making our dreams come true with a stealth 13 Going on 30 reunion and posting some of the best memes this side of TikTok, she dropped a hair mask recommendation so good, shoppers say it deserves more stars than any internet rating platform can encompass (so, six).

The Instagram-savvy star published a typically adorable video featuring Virtue Lab's Restorative Treatment Hair Mask on her new-ish curtain bangs, showcasing the flippy mermaid hair that comes from the three-minute mask. Garner's a long-time partner and fiend for the brand, and while her recommendations have never misled us, Amazon shoppers confirm that it's excellent stuff.

Especially for hair that's dry, damaged, and facing a busload of split ends and breakage, reviewers write that it banishes roughness in favor of silky, smooth ends. In the aftermath of a home dye job gone wrong, one shopper says it revamped their hair; another says that even with careful bleachings, they rely on the mask to restore their hair.

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Virtue made its name on products focused around alpha keratin, a "whole, human keratin" — from regenerative medicine, not nail clippings — that the brand says is identical to the protein found in our hair. It's ideal for imbuing life back into frazzled strands, along with baobab seed oil and amaranthus caudatus seed extract to further aid in strength and damage recovery.

It's even able to tame "straw-like" silvers where other expensive conditioners couldn't compete, shoppers say, and it's so powerful that after laying eyes on its effects, one person's hairstylist wanted to stock the paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free formula on the salon's shelves — a compliment if we've ever heard one.

The praise continues in Sephora's reviews, where shoppers on their sixth restock write that nothing else does the trick for their heavily damaged, fine hair (truly, so many people say it's fixed their damage that it's like Heathers went to therapy). Three minutes is enough to make hair "instantly look healthier and luscious," and people notice a significant uptick in others admiring their hair when they use it.

"My hair never looked better after one treatment. Silky, shiny, and manageable," one shopper says. Is it the trick behind the gorgeous hair that Garner sported while sharing airtime with Oprah this month? All signs point to yes.