Jennifer Lopez explains the ‘special connection’ she has with her twins

Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme are always on her mind. Despite dancing and singing for a full two hours straight during her “All I Have” show in Las Vegas, the mom of two always takes time to shout out her kids on stage. She even added Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” to her set as a tribute to her twins and revealed to Paper Magazine that she gets choked up just trying to rehearse the song.

The 48-year-old, who is currently in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, told the magazine: “Well, I tell the story of ‘I Hope You Dance’ and why I put it in the show, but it was really about me wanting to do something for the kids and dedicate something to them,” she continued, “Really, the thought was, ‘How do I put something in there that they can see years from now and it would mean something to them?’ And that's why I picked ‘I Hope You Dance.’”

An entire section of the performance is dedicated to showcasing the close bond she shares with her children. “I put the boy and the girl dancer in it to represent Max and Emme and how special it is to have that twin connection and how special it is to be a mom of twins,” explained the superstar.

TAP FOR GALLERY Jennifer has dedicated a portion of her Vegas show to her twins Max and Emme.

Jennifer continued: “It's a special connection, and I wanted that whole section to be about them, and me being their mom and how lucky I feel to have that, and impart something to them that they can watch years from now and say, "My mom sang that for me. That was all about me."

Performing for that length of time really takes a toll on her body, Jennifer shared, but her dedication to the art of dance – which is what kick started her Hollywood career – is nothing to be questioned! The actress and dancer said, “I get a lot of bruises and it's a hard show on me. It definitely is. And then I like to do costume changes. I like to really put on a great show,” she said, adding, “It's not about just the music, or just the dancing – it's the costumes, it's the changes, it's the sets, it's the dancers, it's the band, it's the moments.”