Jennifer Lopez Is Making Tie-Dye Cloth Face Masks the Next ‘It’ Item of the Season

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There’s something about tie-dye — some inexplicable appeal behind its rise in popularity in recent years. But there’s really something about tie-dye that’s struck a chord with people during quarantine in particular, so much so that it’s officially the hottest (and most DIY’ed) print of 2020.

Tie-dye sweat suits were popping up left and right in March and April. And while the comfy loungewear is still as coveted as ever — though currently in the form of cool sweat shorts and loose-fitting tie-dye tees more suitable for summer — Jennifer Lopez has found the smartest (and perhaps most understated) way to work the psychedelic pattern into her outfits: tie-dye cloth face masks.

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The Lopez tie-dye face mask sightings started sometime in July. Prior to her playing favorites with the swirly, retro print, the singer had a strong affinity for a sequin-embellished covering from Katie May . Now, however, it seems she can’t part ways with cotton face masks splashed with the mood-lifting print. Most recently, J.Lo strutted around NYC in an all-white outfit consisting of oversized sweatpants and a white The Range chain-link tank top (that you can still scoop up in a versatile black). Tried-and-true Timberlands grounded the lounge-y look while a tie-dye face mask and super cool yellow-tinted sunglasses from Fendi offered a welcome splash of color.

A day prior, Lopez wore the same tie-dye face mask with a bold tie-dye Ralph Lauren sweat suit, demonstrating exactly how easy it is to rock print-on-print (even one as wild as tie-dye).


Anything and everything tie-dye related has seen a rise in searches in recent months. Back in April, searches for tie-dye sweats increased by 17 percent (currently, tie-dye sets are on the rise again); in May, tie-dye swimsuits saw a spike in interest, and while official data hasn’t been released pertaining to shoppers’ fascination with tie-dye face masks, we’re certain the repeated J.Lo sightings, an overall fondness for the print, and the importance of the cloth coverings will lead to its being crowned “most Googled” soon.

Lopez isn’t the only celeb who’s been spotted in a tie-dye face mask. Jennifer Aniston wore a blue tie-dye mask in an important #wearadamnmask PSA.

Good thing there are tons of retailers churning out tie-dye cloth face masks, like these from celeb-loved Masqd (Lopez wore this exact tie-dye style for a day of golfing) or these from Angelina Jolie-approved Everlane that are oh-so-soft.

So make like our favorite Jennifers (Jennifer Lawrence, you’re up next!), and wear a damn tie-dye cloth face mask. We think it’ll offer a much-needed mood boost during these times.

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