Like Many Before Her, Jennifer Lopez Risks It All For Pete Davidson On 'SNL'

Now that we’re living in a post-Kate-Beckinsale-and-Pete-Davidson world, truly anyone is on the table as a romantic prospect for the “Saturday Night Live” comedian.

So why not Jennifer Lopez, who returned to the late-night sketch show this week as host — with her iconic Versace dress in tow, no less.

The “Hustlers” star appeared in a pre-taped sketch with Davidson as his irresistible and monosyllabic character Chad, who’s previously romanced the likes of Julia Louis Dreyfus and Benedict Cumberbatch.

In the latest Chad sketch, the ever-so-oblivious stoner bro has taken a job as a roadie on Lopez’s tour. Naturally, she’s the one who’s developed quite the crush.

The two cross paths one night when Lopez, who has to introduce herself for perhaps the first time ever, admits that he has caught her eye, despite her upcoming real-life nuptials to Alex Rodriguez.

“I shouldn’t have these feelings for you, Chad,” she says. “I just got engaged. I’m in love with Alex.”

But Lopez can only resist the Dorito-dusted temptation for so long before she gives into Chad and brings him in for a slow dance on stage.

That is, until they are interrupted by Rodriguez himself, who breaks it off with Lopez after discovering his fiancée in Davidson’s arms. But she ultimately leaves Chad, who still doesn’t know her name, and runs after the former baseball player.

Chad’s only response? “Goodbye, Jello.”

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