Winning streak for Canadian 'Jeopardy!' champ Ray Lalonde comes to an end

The scenic artist from Toronto found himself in second place before going into Final Jeopardy

Canadian "Jeopardy!" contestant Ray Lalonde, a scenic artist from Toronto (Jeopardy!)

Canadian Jeopardy! champ Ray Lalonde's winning streak came to an end Tuesday night, after amassing US$386,400 in a 13-day winning streak before his last show.

The scenic artist from Toronto found himself in second place going into Final Jeopardy with US$12,000, just US$400 behind Lloyd Sy, a graduate student in literature.

What was the Final Jeopardy question on Tuesday night?

To close out the tight game, the Final Jeopardy category was "Foreign-Born Authors" and the question read, "early in her career she translated romance novels into Spanish, often changing the dialogue to make the heroines smarter."

Every contestant, Lalonde, Sy and Claire Theoret, a high school registrar from Essex, Vermont, all wrote down the correct answer, Isabel Allende. Each contestant wagered all their money, which meant Sy was able to come out on top.

On Tuesday's episode of Jeopardy!, host Ken Jennings asked Lalonde about being a two-time skydiver.

“First time I did it was on a dare, I was in my 20s and afraid of heights at the time," Lalonde said. "Then 35 years later, it's my 55th birthday and a good friend of mine was an instructor, and said, you’ve got to go again."

"I was still yelling the whole way down.”